Lair goes iTunes

From Playstation.Blog: "[We] now have Lair's official soundtrack available on Apple iTunes! Just search for "John Debney Lair" in the iTunes store and it should come right up. I think it's amazing how different the music sounds outside of the game setting and how well it works on its own, and yet how reminiscent of the game it is and how much it adds to the gameplay experience."

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doomsonyman4092d ago

this game has the best sound track ever in a game. this would be great on i tunes

mrpotter4091d ago

i liked the game and the music but this is stupid. Maybe they are trying to squeeze as much cash from this game as they can because their projections for the game will be off due to piss poor reviews. I think ppl who were initially interested in the game should at least try it. If this title can become a greatest hit much worse game have become it will be money well spent on this game.

socomnick4091d ago

They got to make up development cost somehow since their game isnt selling.