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Hold on Ps3 Fans, Sony hasn't won their battle with LG yet. The Rematch may be brutal.

Today's court session was just an emergency hearing following Sony's appeal against the prejudgment seizure order obtained by LG. (Industry, PS3, Sony, Tech)

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stlbeast1  +   1287d ago
i think sony has a rough road ahead
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Dante112  +   1287d ago
Like I said in the other article, I think they might settle by then (November 18) since they're apparently in talks to partner up against Samsung the the 3D technology battle for televisions. Atleast, I hope so.

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stlbeast1  +   1287d ago
might not happen after this lawsuit
Soldierone  +   1287d ago
Not gonna happen unless LG is built like Sony where the differnt divisions dont communicate at all. LG and Sony completely hate each other and have been suing each other over everything for years now.

Samsung is better than both of them in the TV market anyways.
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MagicGamer  +   1287d ago
It's going to get a little nasty between these two. It's over millions.
Voxelman  +   1286d ago
Hundreds of millions actually
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blakstarz  +   1287d ago
I don't think this is going to effect Sony or the Playstation brand that much at all, as long as they don't mess with my sh!t or take it way from me, its all good.
Pintheshadows  +   1287d ago
I will tyre iron their faces. Criminals already took my consoles once. Ironically they stole a LG TV.
Stealth20k  +   1287d ago
bad article

this was the big deal

sony can now ship wherever they want and they took a shit load of money from lg

this other thing is just money which may get settled
dazreah  +   1286d ago
Well its not a shit load of money its $130k thats not much to a company like lg.
kudakadere  +   1287d ago
LG doesn't make sense their slogan used to be life's good how dare they use that when they want to ruined an amazing brand thats brought as amazing games without fail on each of it's platforms surely taking that away is not a good life.
Soldierone  +   1287d ago
It would be for the owners of that company. Simply stealing rights from Sony then turning around and selling a PS3 like device on their own to replace it. Now that multi billion dollar machine is theirs.

It would all make sense if LG even wanted to jump into the game industry though.
StrmKyk  +   1287d ago
This is why i like my 360 Xbox isnt stealing anything from anyone
dragonelite  +   1287d ago
If im not mistaken didn't they use a tech not licensed in their wireless adapter.
BlackTar187  +   1287d ago
ROFL. Type in Microsoft lawsuits and see what you get. Just in case you need some more explanation TYPE IT IN GOOGLE
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shikamaroooo  +   1287d ago
Except The Consumer Right
Shadow Flare  +   1287d ago
thats cos dinosaurs were using the technology that exists in the 360
Otheros00  +   1287d ago
They stole a bunch of games that used to be exclusive.
Parapraxis  +   1287d ago
They should have stole some better technology to keep the disc stable while reading. It's been around for ages.
BubbleSniper  +   1286d ago

motorola wants to come to your house for dinner.
MRMagoo123  +   1286d ago
360 stole all the nothing in the year so sony where left with no choice but to keep releasing games all year i thank MS for that and i also thank the 360 fans for buying the 360 because if it wasnt for you ppl being so plain stupid MS may of actually spent some money on making games to please there fans instead of shelling out for DLC.
Louis_Guzman  +   1286d ago
@Strmkyk: Yeah, I especially like how the Xbox's controller looks like an old Dreamcast pad.....opps..
MysticStrummer  +   1286d ago
They steal from you everytime you play a game online.
diehardgamer1000  +   1287d ago
its funny hw these articles are playing it down as a small thing.its a big deal and a good win for sony,cz if they had lost its these very same sites tht wld say sony are doomed
linko18-1990  +   1287d ago
And if that was the case, us the consumers, and gamers would pay the price.. i also have a 360 and i havent touched it since December, only my lil bro has been playing Reach on it, i dont even play that much now for some reason, mostly use the web browser on my ps3 for Anime and porn, no viruses there lol and when i play im playing with my girl to get her bored then get bussy.
Pintheshadows  +   1287d ago
That is why we love the internet!
Ninver  +   1287d ago
Already have a ps3. Could give two fucks what happens to both companies. Just give me my exclusives and i'm good. Fuck brand loyalty and any retard who worships it.
darkpower  +   1286d ago
You know how much trouble you will be in having said that on N4G! Three fourths of who comments on this site are brand loyalists that will defend their way until the end.

Sony? MS? Nintendo? Whoever else? They can do no wrong! We must defend what they do to the end and raise whatever hysteria we can to further their agenda no matter HOW ridiculous it sounds.

Yeah, there's no such thing as fair and balanced here.
MagicGamer  +   1287d ago
This could seriously effect the future of PS3 and their progression with implementing new software. There is a real need to be concerned.
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Romudeth  +   1286d ago
Time to boycott LG. Go Sony!
Mmmkay  +   1286d ago
it's not like LG has any products worth purchasing in the first place...
Romudeth  +   1286d ago
Haha! This is very true.
Undeadwolfy  +   1286d ago
lol I second that statement
barb_wire  +   1286d ago
The hatred between the 2 companies is actually a National thing..

LG is Korean, Sony is Japanese - the two countries loathe one another and have for centuries.. The Japanese treatment of Koreans in WWII didn't help things either.

This battle is just getting started.
MagicGamer  +   1286d ago
It's a money thing. The only loser's will be the gamers.
Breadisgood  +   1286d ago
It's pretty funny how most people here are just like "yeah f**k LG!" when it's likely that at least 90% of you don't really know much about this court case.

LG is a massive company and they know what they're doing, they wouldn't sue over something like this without a reason to do so.

I'm not saying they should and/or will win the case, but if there is a patent infringement, then they're entitled to make money from it.

Wait til the actual court case to start bashing LG if they lose.
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Pintheshadows  +   1286d ago
I agree but if they try and take my PS3 i'll torture them Liam Neeson style.
StrmKyk  +   1286d ago
LG has a good case but if Sony just pays them money to let them use it Sony will make their money back in no time 60 million dollars worth just there yeah Sony has the money to settle the case if they wanted to.
stlbeast1  +   1286d ago
PhilieDeee  +   1286d ago
This is gonna get ugly but we all know Sony is gonna come out with the BIG WIN and LG will be out of a couple mil.
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YOUR-MUM  +   1286d ago
Go on LG take them to the cleaners.
Legitgamefly  +   1286d ago
If sony loses the case it will cause sony to change some hardware in the very near future. I can't see sony being willing to pay LG for every future console they sell.
Hockeydud19  +   1286d ago
Lol it's like a wave of hit sites. Sony vs Lg this and that. It's the new geohot topic.
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Arkhamz  +   1286d ago
After looking at the comments here and the other similar article, I'm actually in a fit of laughter. I mean people are going "Yaaay sony is the best" or "I'm selling my lg tv". Fucking pathetic! When people used to say there were sony fanboys I assumed they meant Playstation but damn
Numptyarse  +   1286d ago
LG Smartphones? their phones are poop i got a cookie on contract to get a free ps3 and after taking the phone home i looked at it and thought what a peice of #@£$ lol hope sony win this case!
RAmar101  +   1286d ago
Lmao @ mandotary install, have u not woken up yet? U have no games U have no games if u have where are they, ps3 users have continuity in new releases where as U have nothing, absolutly nothing 0 0 0 0 zero. Bitching about ps3 won't net u any games, isn't motorstorm out shortly aswell as yakuza 3 plus 3 new hd collections, tomb raider,splinter cell and Mkombat? What do you to show? 0 0 0 0 zero
TheTruth89  +   1286d ago
shut up
Darkseeker  +   1286d ago
"The Rematch may be brutal"

For LG, it will be.
acemonkey  +   1286d ago
Sony aint going no where & my ps3 is going to stay right here.
Ddouble  +   1286d ago
It's all the way in november, i think we can forget about it for now.

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