Halo 3 Momentum Boosts Industry

Halo 3 is driving more foot traffic and bigger sales for retailers (particularly GameStop). Since the game has led to more interest in the Xbox 360, analysts believe that top publishers will also benefit from increased sales of their 360 titles.

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Gina-get-u4091d ago

This article is total BS. Everybody knows that people who are interested in Halo already own a 360. I'm sure all those people that are walking into gamestops lately are just there to take pictures, or are buying 360s just to make me look like a total asshat retard homo for saying that Halo 3 will not move console sales.

razer4091d ago

I wasn't going to comment in fear of interrupitng the converstation you are having with yourself. =)

But I do think that Halo 3 has moved consoles, just not as much as 360 fanboys have pumped it up to be. The holiday should be better, just having Halo 3 on the shelf will motivate a lot of 360 purchases.