Sony registers new PS Logo/Icon

Sony has registered this logo at the japanese patent office: >>

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MikeMichaels3795d ago

....a new XMB icon to me. Interesting.

Violater3795d ago

possibke xmb icon.
big things brewing for 2008

secret3794d ago

Watch this video and have a good laugh...

felidae3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

that's what i call a Next-Generation Logo

good work

@nasim below: sorry dude, i can't read your comments ;-)

nasim3795d ago

i think it refers to wireless gaming and PSP-PS3 connectivity.

BTW i am playing my SLIM PSP on 71" TV at 480p

are u doing the same?

Synex3795d ago

No I don't have the cables to connect my PSP Slim to my TV yet.

MaximusPrime3795d ago

i love it. i think it is better to have black instead of colours.

MrBIGGLES3794d ago

look! Sony is making the Okama Game Sphere!!!!

Expy3795d ago

That you patent the logo (the design) and not the colors right? Colors can be adjusted as they please, and I don't think it'll be their official logo or anything.

It's probably just a new icon to promote a new line of Playstation products.

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The story is too old to be commented.