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StrengthGamer: Crysis 2 Demo Impressions - The Call of Duty Killer

"Back when it first dropped more than three years ago, Crysis was an absolute nuke. Even the most expensive gaming PCs struggled to survive the impact of the first-person shooter, as it exploded with the fierce heat of the latest and greatest technical graphics ever featured in a game." (Crysis 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

AnthonyAccinell  +   1381d ago
I wasn't a fan of the demo at all - found it hard to look at to be honest.
negative  +   1381d ago
I thought the demo was great and after seeing another map last night I'm sold. I've just about completely filtered out COD.

My only MP gaming will be Crysis 2, Halo Reach, and BFBC2. That's all you need!
finbars75  +   1375d ago
I wasnt a fan either.Actually I think the game was terrible.After playing Killzone3 then this it was very hard to look at Crysis2.Such a boring MP and the graphics wher just meh.The game is just a campfest with the nansuit.COD killer not in this lifetime.I hate COD in every way, shape or form but Crysis2 iI think is worst.It offers nothing to me.My opinion im not speaking for everyone else.I think Homefront was alot more fun.It might not be visually impressive at all but the fun factor is definatley there and its not boring.
ultramoot  +   1381d ago
"Crysis 2 - The Call of Duty killer"?

I'm pretty sure it's not going to be. Battlefield 3, on the other hand, just might be the one to do it.
Blad3star  +   1381d ago
No I am more than positve that it will be Home Front.
DigitalPiracy  +   1381d ago
No. Call of Duty is already dead. It killed itself.
jjohan35  +   1381d ago
Sorry but Battlefield is a different FPS genre that requires teamwork, not twitchy reflexes. People who like one tend to not like the other type of gameplay. The 'COD-killer' has to compete in the same FPS twitchy genre and Crysis might live up to that.
dredgewalker  +   1381d ago
Activision will be the real COD killer.
anthem  +   1381d ago
I sent you the link for the cod killer lol
dredgewalker  +   1381d ago
Let me change Activision from "COD killer" to "multiple IP murderer" :)
BLACKBOIJONES  +   1381d ago
Crysis sucks from what i have played...COD was alerday killed by Killzone 3.
Shackdaddy836  +   1381d ago
I just love how you post in every Crysis topic to say this :)
CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1381d ago
moving on from the halo to the cod "killer's" article's
there are no killers,every game is different
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RE_L_MAYER  +   1381d ago
FINALLY....Someone will kill call of duty
MiltonZep  +   1381d ago
LOL , this is too rich.
How can C2 kill COD when it's a carbon copy(at least MP wise)?
Blad3star  +   1381d ago
Call of Duty will never be killed. Hate it or love the king of FPS will always be king.

Edit: Call of Duty games are fun and the graphics are better than most games. I really dont know why people on N4G hate the COD so much.
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CaptainMarvelQ8  +   1381d ago
The first(and probably only) COD fan i've seen on this site
Congrats bro
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enkeixpress  +   1381d ago
Typical CoD Fanboy response: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I don't think so, n00b! CoD FTW!!"
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Tazz1992  +   1381d ago
I downloaded the demo off of steam and well, my computer wouldn't let me start it lol. I will try it when it comes to ps3 to see if i like it.
STK026  +   1381d ago
I don't think it will kill CoD. CoD is different from all those so called CoD-killers (Crysis 2, BF3, BF:BC2, KZ3 and Homefront to name a few). CoD's MP is all about fast paced combat in small maps, requiring little to no tactics; it's made to be fun and nothing else. The only game that truly was similar to CoD's MP was last year's MoH.
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1381d ago
Saying something such as "COD Killer" is niave and stupid.

COD is no longer just a game, its a brand name like McDonalds or Coca-Cola.

You cant kill a brand name once it has become synonymous with a large group of people, those people being casual gamers.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1381d ago
It's not the cod killer. The average gamer has never even heard of it. They need a media storm to even dent the sales of cod. I would bet it doesn't get 2m sales per system by the end of the year.
Mr Tretton  +   1381d ago
All the killer this killer that proclamations got old a long time ago. And all it does is pay tribute to the game people are trying to put down. You're giving it credibility. The way to take that away is to just not talk about COD.

Sorry for trying to post something thoughtful, carry on N4G.
bronxsta  +   1381d ago
Here we go again. Remember Killzone aka the "Halo Killer"?
I'd rather not hype up a game and just enjoy it for whatever it is.

Remember they're two different types of games. One's a linear military shooter that's all about set-pieces and multiplayer.
The other's a sci-fi semi-sandbox that gives you various options and has a story written by one of my favorite authors
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byeGollum  +   1381d ago
calling crysis 2 a carbon copy of call of duty is ignorance.. you know nothing of Crysis2/or you've played so much Call of duty, thats all you see in other shooters

oh yeah theres something called the 'nanosuit' in crysis which cant be found in call of duty.. you wouldn't know that
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