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RPG Bastion Teams With Warner Bros For XBLA

NoobFeed.com picks up the announcement that indie hit Bastion from Supergiant Games will get backed up by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. The first action RPG title from this small house of veterans will debut on XBLA and then later come to PC. (Bastion, Dev, PC, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Xbox 360)

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FrigidDARKNESS  +   1353d ago
looks amazing.
Sleven  +   1353d ago
A little surprising but the game looks amazing. Too bad PS3 users are going to miss it.
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canana  +   1353d ago
Yes, they are...
Folezicle  +   1353d ago
Umm I'm not defending any console or anything, but it's timed exclusive, much like majority of third part Summer of Arcade games.. However sometime it takes a couple of years for it to arrive on the PS3 (ie Castle Crashers)
Daavpuke  +   1352d ago
I like the term 'timed exclusive' because it means it's not exclusive at all, still for promotional reasons it's pegged as such. Now, in the case of Castle Crashers, PVZ and such where it takes years to reach the platform, I could see the issue. But hopefully it will only be a few months until it releases on PC (Steam?), as the developers stated so themselves. Then it's just a matter of exerting some patience.

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