Hi-Def Match: Weekly dispatches from the format war frontline

The Official Battle Report:

Slap bang in the middle this week. HD-DVD hasn't countered cheap PS3 tattle and is focusing on shifting units like there's no tomorrow.

It seems that after the handbags at dawn that was IFA, both sides have decided to take a well-earned rest before locking horns in the run up to Christmas. Although, with web rumors of a cheap PS3 in days rather than weeks, our money says this truce won't last long.

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SKUD4091d ago

When will this all end........

Heepspo4091d ago

don't care anymore. I wish this "war" would just end..... so we all could enjoy our Blu-ray movies/games in peace. ;)

jaja14344091d ago

And this site was doing so well. Almost had a good what? 5 days with no Hd vs BR crap?

akaFullMetal4091d ago

well a cheaper ps3 would help blu-ray, and also sony, plus it would hurt hd-dvd a bit, wonder what hd going to do to counter this???