THQ: Dark Millennium Costs In $50M Range, uDraw Projections Up To 1.7M

THQ executive vice president and CFO Paul Pucino said the company is projecting costs in the $50 million range to get its first MMO, the Warhammer-licensed Dark Millennium, to market in 2012, putting the title's development budget at "the high end of a core game," he said.

Speaking in an investor briefing call which Gamasutra attended, Pucino wouldn't comment on the number of subscribers he saw as necessary to break even on those costs. He did, however, say that a successful launch could "continue to generate [revenue] over a long period of time -- five, six, seven, eight years," and that the project could be very profitable in that time frame.

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Stealth20k2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

will probably fail like most mmo's and a game as price as that

not sure who is buying this?

Neckbear2629d ago

Lotsa Warhammer fans, for one.

And hey, it MIGHT be a good game, though I'm not big into MMOs myself, so I'll wait for WH40K: Space Marine or some other DoW game, though Retribution has me pretty busy, currently.

MajestieBeast2629d ago

I like the warhammer dawn of war universe allot so i hope its a succes.

Xfanboy2629d ago

The game will be Huge then!!