PS3 40GB confirmed by a serious french website ?

They report:
"Update: According to our information resulting from the great distribution, the PS3 including a hard disk of 40 Go should be available as of on October 13 for 399 euros. One waits more than the confirmation as well as the details to officialize information."

They confirmed that a PS3 40GB is on the way, just wait for an official confirmation, maybe for the "Big Bang" Conference.

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xaphanze3973d ago

400 pounds? I hope its 300 though

Meus Renaissance3973d ago

399 Euro's is equivalent to around £280.

kingboy3973d ago

they`r just speculating over recent rumors and not confirming anything

Heaven_Or_Hell3973d ago

They said : "According to our information resulting from the great distribution"

kingboy3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

You`re right i just noticed they made an update confirming it

pwnsause3973d ago

399 euros is about 564 US dollars

Noodlecup3973d ago

It is, but people in Europe have higher income and the economy is roughly equivalent to yours. In the UK when someone buys a PS3 here for £400, it's nothing similar to paying $800 in the US because of the way the economy works.

Shankle3973d ago

Although it does mean that importing stuff ruuules!

pwnsause3973d ago

yea I know, thats a huge price reduction. they were paying about 800 dollars for a PS3

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