Kaz Hirai in Position to Lead Sony

Sony is promoting Kazuo Hirai to head of its consumer products unit, the company's biggest division, and CEO Howard Stringer said Hirai was in the lead to be his successor.

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aCasualGamer2567d ago

Man i miss Ken Kutaragi. Even though i feel Kaz Hirai will do a great job of taking after his place.

rockleex2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Ken was the only reason Playstation even happened in the first place.

Without him, we won't be seeing the unique hardware architectures and technology. We also won't be seeing the pushing of newest media at the time such as CDs, DVDs, and Bluray.

But I still have full faith in Sony to deliver on NGP and PS4, especially with how great they've been doing the past couple of years.

hay2567d ago

You're forgetting they're Japanese(with ninjas and stuff ;]) so they'll try to continue his legacy and follow his path.
This isn't Square.

aCasualGamer2567d ago


I'm still hoping for a Ken Kutaragi comeback sometime in the future, perhaps when PS4 gets announced. The press would go apeshit if he came back as the father of Playstation!

sikbeta2567d ago

He got this in his pocket already :P many were predicting this long ago, Go KAZ!!! XD

OllieBoy2567d ago

Kaz is one position away from running the whole show. Pretty crazy.

gaffyh2567d ago

I wonder what this would mean for PlayStation though. He's been heading up PS for a long time, if it means PS get's more resources, the Kaz would be the best choice imo.

mindedone2567d ago

I doubt it does. He has no reason to have any loyalty to PS over the rest of the Sony brand.

diehardgamer10002567d ago

this cld be great,cz this guy cld bring in more financial resources to the lacking marketing side for the ps3 games.

DragonKnight2567d ago

cld? cz? these words are underlined by the browser dictionary as being spelling mistakes. clarify if you please.

RyuCloudStrife2567d ago

cld=could and cz=because...

if you have any sense of reading you can figure it out

DragonKnight2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

@ Bill Nye: *sigh* Clearly my comment went over your head. I know what they meant. I specifically mentioned that they were spelling mistakes for a reason you know. Geez. You've lost your touch since you lost your show.

EDIT: Obviously went over a few heads. Guess I need to be completely literal when posting because people can't comprehend meaning in between the lines.

RyuCloudStrife2567d ago

this guy seems pretty likeable

Convas2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Like him more that Kutaragi, that's fer sure. He just looks classier. Congrats!

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