FAIL ALERT! asks users to "Tell Sony to stop harassing hackers"

"This month we're focusing our attention on Sony. Sony has been in the news a lot recently: suing developers for figuring out how to run free software on their PlayStation 3 consoles."

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hay2604d ago

Aw, poor little mommy boys.

tehpees32603d ago

They still live in their basements hacking into the latest gaming device.

Sony want to drag them up to the surface to feel the sun for the first time in over 15 years

Enate2603d ago

When the jailbreak opened up multiplayer cheating they crossed the line.

Bear_Grylls2604d ago

These hackers like Geohotz get more and more pathetic by the day.

I can't wait for SONY to wipe the floor with these pimply little nerds.

Email Sony all you want you dumb piracy supporters it won't help you break the law.

Kakkoii2603d ago

They aren't and haven't broken the law. And that stereotype of nerds being pimply and not ever going outside is ridiculous. You should show a little more respect for the type of people who make your consoles, games and electronics you use daily.

NotSoSilentBob2604d ago

The Hackers should drop the whole "We are doing it for Homebrew" lie cause their isn't 1 actual Homebrew game out there. 99% of the things in CFW is backup loaders for playing pirated software.

MintBerryCrunch2604d ago

how is that hackers on one console manage to steal $1.2 million in games/dlc, yet whenever some ps3 hacker comes out with a comment, this site goes into attack mode

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MysticStrummer2603d ago

So since the makers and users of that one console didn't care about hacking, the makers and users of PS3 should just lay down and take it. Interesting thought process there.

BlackTar1872603d ago


and lOL and grammar nazi i can't wait for the day when people realize what type of losers point out grammatical errors to somehow disprove a point they can't otherwise with facts.

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Ddouble2603d ago

Microsoft confirmed it wasn't that much.

helrazor3432603d ago

I say screw all those hackers, they've been the ones to blame from the beginning. They seem kinda thick to think that people should support them, when they were responsible for everyone getting screwed in the 1st place, all they want is to steal and cheat, regardless of what platform they do it on.

Kakkoii2603d ago

Yeah.. no. Stop being so ignorant. It is completely unfair to say all they want to do is steal and cheat just because some other people misuse the exploits they created. People like Geohot are GOOD people. They invest lots of time to open up the hardware that WE PAID FOR, so we can use it as we like. Whether we use it for illegal purposes or legal ones is a personal choice that you can't blame on the hacker. It's like saying we should blame knife makers for all the brutal stabbings that have occurred merely because they made these sharp utensils available.

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