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Therapist - "Two hours of gaming is like one line of cocaine"

Lancashire based therapist Steve Pope has provided Fox News and the Daily Mail with a headline they'd kill for after he asserted his belief that “Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces in the brain." (Culture)

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Stuart5756  +   1577d ago
What's that say about therapists? Coke toking gamers?
Yi-Long  +   1577d ago
... THAT's where I stopped reading.
BK-201  +   1577d ago
I stopped reading at The Rapist.
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Rynx  +   1577d ago
For those of us who's actually DONE cocaine this laugh riot comparison should just be ignored.

Move along people nothing to see here.
rockleex  +   1577d ago
I wonder how much cocai- I mean "gaming" this "therapist" did before he came to this conclusion.
sikbeta  +   1577d ago
Well then, I'm currently @ 2 lines of Coca-ine per day, time to take some more lines XD
GodofSackboy  +   1577d ago
Arnon  +   1577d ago
Why was this article posted. It's old as hell...

longcat  +   1576d ago
Neurologist have shown that earning money stimulates the same brain areas as cocaine as well.

Is making money bad for u?

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jriquelme_paraguay  +   1577d ago
i love my Cocain :)
hay  +   1577d ago
That explains why gaming while stoned is so amazing.
Nineball2112  +   1577d ago
Like Rick says...

Related video
antz1104  +   1577d ago
LMAO, then call me Tony Montana!
kaveti6616  +   1577d ago
It's actually true, though it is misleading.

The pleasure neurotransmitter dopamine can either be released over the course of week, or it can all be released in one go.

Basically, you can do things that give you a bit of pleasure and you can continue the process over time, or you can get a lot of that pleasure in a short space of time.

What the therapist is saying is actually a compliment to video games.

It means that video games are very pleasure-inducing.

It's the same reason why some men prefer video games over sex.
fantasygamer  +   1577d ago
toaster  +   1577d ago
You deserve 50 bubbles.
DelbertGrady  +   1577d ago | Well said
One hour of Fox News is like an oil tanker of crystal meth.
HairyArse  +   1577d ago
TardcoreGamer  +   1577d ago
damn it you beat me to a fox news joke. i was gonna say something similar.
Tommykrem  +   1577d ago
What a ridicolous parallel! It produces the same high? Well, the high itself isn't even the dangerous part about the drugs. The high you get through SOME games is epinephrine, which is a hormone produced naturally by the body to keep the mind engaged and focused. You get the same damn phenomena from riding a bike or playing football!

God, Fox just takes any similarity between gaming and drugs and violence they can find... Watching Fox produces the same amount of anger as doing ecstasy... and it's probably less enlightening.
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BlackTar187  +   1577d ago
anger from ecstasy?
-Gespenst-  +   1577d ago
Haha exactly. It's almost as if they're saying that gaming contains the same chemical shit as cocaine does; which it certainly doesn't and couldn't

It's a totally absurd comparison. I agree that anything addictive has potential to harm, but this is just provactive journalism for the sake of it and is total BS.
Tombstone   1577d ago | Spam
Wizziokid  +   1577d ago
Damn I must have done soooo much cocaine...
christheredhead  +   1577d ago
for real. ill probably do 2 or 3 lines today once i get home.
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gamingisnotacrime  +   1577d ago
i have no idea of how cocaine works and dont care
but indeed, after 2 hours of pure gaming i feel like a whole new day has started. It is a great therapy, one that i use for studying marathons. hey one needs positive inputs to get maximum results. Gaming is the BEST entertainment media ever!
xdye017  +   1577d ago
I think I have overdozed by now :/
jrbeerman11  +   1577d ago
So if i play for four hours a day, i should then stop and start doing 1 line of coke a day and my life will be better!

Mom dad i may be a coke head but i dont play video games anymore! Are you proud?

Yay for coke! its the new nicotine patch for gamers
additup28  +   1577d ago
this make me want a gamestation, thats the primo stuff as the article states.
StrikerZ3ro112  +   1577d ago
Dam, I gotta get me some cocaine
evildeli  +   1577d ago
I'm on a drug, it's call Charlie Sheen
jrbeerman11  +   1577d ago
You could argue that gaming is detrimental to kids sure but coke? Wow, dudes probly got nothing but coke heads and gamers in his sessions.

There are pros cons to everything, trying to look at both sides in order to find a medium seems like a lost art. This view is beyond extreme, its like saying that drinking 1 beer, leads to people getting the urge to run people over.
ZombieAssassin  +   1577d ago
Hmmm...then where is that terrible come down when you say "I'm never doing that again", and since when does 1 line of coke keep you high for 2 hours? I think the therapist should do a line of coke then come back and talk because it's nothing like it.
BlackTar187  +   1577d ago
lol 2 true.

i like to think i got some good stuff but 1 line lasting for 2 hrs is like a super cocaine
JasonBloodbourne  +   1577d ago
where do i buy a game station from i've heard it pwns all other consoles ever made! loads of exclusive titles coming out this year! woohoo
FriedGoat  +   1577d ago
I'll have what ever they are playing please
facelike  +   1577d ago
HAHAHAAAAAA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA HA HA HA......oh.....damn...that was funny!! The comedy of these therapists now-a-days.
SEAN1617  +   1577d ago
its not funny really gaming is like a drug, and the article is talking about brain Chemistry. Dopamine levels increase about the same level thats why gaming is addictive.. DUH!
BlackTar187  +   1577d ago
SEAN1617  +   1576d ago
lol i liked it
koehler83  +   1577d ago
Fantastic deal
LoaMcLoa  +   1577d ago
Holy shit! I've been buying cocaine for only 60 bucks!
BlackTar187  +   1577d ago
and it last alot longer then an 8ball
bozebo  +   1577d ago
I can categorically say that statement is total bullcrap.
SEAN1617  +   1576d ago
please do (categorically that is)
SSKILLZ  +   1577d ago
Remember don't get high on your own supply......I just love sniffing the inside of a brand new game and then playing it @__@. ^•^
_Q_  +   1577d ago
GAMING is a helluva drug =D
SeraphimBlade  +   1577d ago
This is a miracle! Let's all buy the coke addicts video games! Problem solved!

... oh, you mean- oh.... no... no, it isn't like that. at all.
itsralf  +   1577d ago
Really really reallllllly old news. This was on here about a year ago... Too lazy to find the original article or report, though.
Emilio_Estevez  +   1577d ago
Won't somebody please think of the children!
TheMachete  +   1577d ago
so if i were to play coked out, does that mean i can overdose?
skyblue14213  +   1577d ago
excerpt from article:
"Pope's ill-informed comments come in the same week that teachers criticized parents for allowing their kids to play online games long into the night to the detriment of their studies, and means that games are inevitably in for another backlash this week. Hold onto your tin hats people."

-I lol'ed, especially at the last part. Good article though.

I love it how the media will take any scrap of info that is against video games and spin-it to pass it off as truth without any concrete data or proof to back up the "said" claim(s). If I remember correctly years ago it was comic books that were bad for you(lol, yeah right) as the media claimed, I wonder whatever happened to that? hmm... Lol(shakes head), seriously though is the media that desperate, dense, and stupid to report anything but important, meaningful, intelligent journalism and/or stories. I mean seriously, whomever is in charge of approving and reporting garbage journalism should be fired and others(competent, have common sense, and in their right minds type of people) should take their place to approve and report important, meaningful, and intelligent journalism and/or stories.

Did you know that watching the general media on tv for prolonged periods of time will cause your I.Q. to drop and could potentially cause dumbness syndrome and/or sap syndrome, lol.
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ThePoorman  +   1577d ago
The rapists?
Tzuno  +   1577d ago
Boring people that tries to implement their ideology in our brains. F..k them everyone doe's what they want with their lives. Don't forget "Nothing is true everything is permitted"
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