Matsushita, Panasonic unveil three new high-capacity Blu-ray recorders

Blu-ray backer Matsushita, the parent company of Panasonic, has announced that it will be launching three new Panasonic Blu-ray recorders in November - the DMR-BW900, the DMR-BW800 and the DMR-BW700.

Of the three new recorders, the 1TB HDD-equipped DMR-BW900 will have the most storage capacity. The DMR-BW800 and the DMR-BW700 will have 500GB and 250GB HDDs respectively. All three recorders will also support the new interactive features of Blu-ray movies such as picture-in-picture video commentaries.

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Captain Tuttle3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

You guys changed the story.

nasim3645d ago

just like x360 which will die when 399$ ps3 is launched

squallsoft3645d ago

...that blu ray is doing so well :-)


cuco333645d ago

Especially nasim. I crack up on your brand loyal comments. Sony must pay you lovely

Compression techniques is why you can pack this chunk of data onto disks.

The good, this basically means you can record in HD broadcast quality. This isn't related to BD as a movie format.

Captain Tuttle3645d ago

The "ignore" button is a wonderful invention.

Wozzer3645d ago

It just seems to be getting better and better for Blu-ray at the moment, but be warned, we are bound to get some Xbot flameboys coming in to try and pi$$ on the fireworks, you know how it is lol.

Arkham3645d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Guys, you do realize that those 500GB, 1TB etc figures are for the units' harddrive storage, not Blu-ray storage, right?

EDIT: Sorry, but whoever disagreed is an idiot. Those recorders have harddrives in them, and those quoted capacities (1 TB, 500GB) are for the HD storage.