Final Fantasy Versus XIII Preview Video

G4 previews Final Fantay Versus XIII, and gives an overview of the story and what to expect from the game.

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gaffyh4063d ago

Nice bits of info in this video, that some people may not have known.

doomsonyman4062d ago

wow this game looks good another great game for the ps3

lonestarmt4062d ago

this game should be great, but I'm still scratching my head over the name though. Would be cool if its character from the 13 universe against all the other FF universes. Sort of like kindgom hearts without disney.. hmm

Panthers4062d ago

wow i wanna see more of the trailer. they said there was blood! I want a rated M final fantasy.

MrWeymes4062d ago

I didn't hear anything about blood. I even watched it twice. It looks like it's going to be an amazing game, though. It's odd that FF13 is going to be split into 3 games. I wonder how long each one will be? Standard FF time at around 50 hours? That would be insane! I can't see FF ever going M rated, though. Stranger things have happened, but it just doesn't seem reasonable. Square Enix would alienate alot of younger fans who aren't able to pick the game up.(even though younger people always seem to bribe their parents into getting M rated games..Halo 3? lol)

gaffyh4062d ago

As great as that would be, they won't do that FF covers a very large demographic, from younger kids to older enthusiasts.

stuntman_mike4062d ago

i wanna see actuall gameplay!!


you already have, the white engine for ps3 allows cg to be rendered in realtime, as sony told you years before ps3 came out, since cell is the chip sony renders their movies with, billions of polygons will be on screen all at once in realtime, this IS the power of ps3

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