Eight new Orange Box Screens

Is it October already? Where did the year go? It means we're only days away from the release of Valve bumper bundle Orange Box; but there's still time for new screenshots to be pumped out onto the interweb.

So, take a look at class-based, team-based multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 in these eight shots.

And keep those eyes peeled for reviews of TF2, Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two hitting CVG soon.

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Cat4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

looks awesome; can't wait.

Cartesian3D4088d ago

TF2 is the most FUN multiplayer FPS Iv ever played... F***in FUN ..

I played TF2 beta in LAN with my friends since 3 days ago.. and I cant tell u with WORDS how fun it is..

REALLY AMAZING BALANCE between characters, all of them are FUNNY and useful..

plz try it .. Valve is the most talented dev for Multiplayer FPS .. HALO,UT3.. are nothin compare to their products ( Counter strike , and now TF2 )

Mikey_Gee4088d ago

Or will I also be able to have deathmatches with the actual HL game so I can use the weapons and stuff. I can't wait for TF2, but I also like the more REAL looking characters of HL.

Rooted_Dust4087d ago

TF2 is just an addition to everything else in Valve's multiplayer stable. Like Counter Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, and now Team Fortress 2. If you are buying this on a console you probably won't have access to these other games. Even then Team Fortress 2 should be enough all on it's own.

akaFullMetal4087d ago

when is this coming out for the ps3??? i thought there is a delay or that the 360 version is coming out earlier than the ps3 version??