MGS4 Hands-on Preview Video

Reports on how good and atmospheric the game actually looks when you play it yourself, and quoted to be a must have game for 2008

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HeartlesskizZ3674d ago

Did he just found out that the game is a must huve for the PS3?

Violater3674d ago

they have to break it all down for the average consumer.

M4I0N33674d ago

is it me, or does that guy sound retardedly clueless on which next gen console its for

mighty_douche3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

now thats something i like to hear.

regardless of what reviwers and web sites say (even though they all give glowing reviews) this is going to be one of the biggest games of not only next year but next-gen as a whole!!

HeartlesskizZ3674d ago

I hope you can toggle off the autoaim online. to many people abuse it

gaffyh3674d ago

i think you are right, it needs to be switched off online...but the online portion is separate to MGS4, so i assume it will be off

Violater3674d ago

MGS4 and MGO are separate games with diff. control schemes and mechanics.

SnakeCL3674d ago

Supposedly the autoaim is somewhat useless in close quarters, so a lot of the players switch back and forth between the two. I'm betting if you have an auto-aim whore in a game, you could probably get in his face and he wouldn't know what to do.

squallsoft3674d ago

...more and more excited for it. i am so glad i bought a ps3...


BulletToothtony3674d ago

some people are not agreeing that you're happy you bought a ps3... lol

are you sure you're happy.. do they know something that you don't?? huh..

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The story is too old to be commented.