Halo Flash Game Collection Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

Xbox Evolved has been uncovering some interesting details on Bungie, Microsoft, and Halo Live Arcade games. The first details comes from a contact Xbox Evolved has had since 2002 working within senior public relations in the industry he claims that he knows of three non-Halo projects that have been "shot down" by Microsoft in the past. While he didn't give specifics, we can only speculate that one of could have possible been "Stubbs the Zombie" which was later created by ex-Bungie employee operated Wideload Games later, around the launch of Halo 2.

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AbyssGravelord4088d ago

Cool I love the warthog launch flash game in the legendary edition special disk it's fun. I really do hope the Bungie splitting thing is BS I've loved bungie's games for a long time and I think it would be stupid for them to split up from MS.

mighty_douche4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

bungie will have a free raign to do what they want, remember last time they were given the chance they came up with halo 1, in my opinion the best of the 3. now they'll be producing multi-platform games which is good for evryone as your not forced to purchase a certain console to enjoy the fun.

i hate developers who go exclusive, admittidly exclusives tend to look better but after some time developers will learn how to maximise a game for both consoles (not counting the wii). anyway isnt all the xbox fanboys saying multi-plat games look better on the 360 so what you worried about?

BloodySinner4088d ago

I suspect your just saying that because you want Bungie to make the next "Halo-like" game for the PS3. Isn't that right, mighty_douche? Very obvious from that type of comment.

mighty_douche4088d ago

ummm if i wanted to play a 'halo-like' game i would of got halo 3 and and xbox wouldnt i? halos just another FPS in a genre thats already splitting at the seems, try pulling the master cheif out of your ass, bungie are more than simply halo. and i for one want to see what that'more' is.

power of Green 4088d ago

Not buying your Multi platform jive.

mighty_douche4088d ago

ive said in threads before, i wouldnt care if MGS went multi-platform or Killzone, as long as this doesnt compromise the quality of the game itself. imactually a pc gamer at heart, as its far far above anything possible on a console.

i think if you take a minute to pull your xbox out your ass you'll notice that currently the only fanboy on this thread is YOU!!!

what ever happened to N4G huh...... c**ts like you thats what.

THAMMER14088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

Stop acting stupid. Your totaly full of &#!t.

akaFullMetal4088d ago

wow you guys are getting mad that bungie might be able to go multi, but when you guys here that mgs might go multi or ff, so if ps3 flag ship game might go multi you guys are cool with it, but not maybe, and that is a maybe if at all right now, and you guys are getting all defensive and mad, i dont get it??? im just wondering why the 180 when its on your side then???

but besides that, this article is about you guys getting flash games, so that is good for you gus, so enjoy and have fun

Caspel4088d ago

this better be true :) more Bungie the better