90° Crytek – From Far Cry to Crysis 2 says: Crytek today is well known for pushing the boundaries in graphics and being well ahead of its time that even next generation hardware is put through its paces with their CryEngine 2 still being the staple for all graphic benchmarks today. In this article we take a look at the history of Crytek, where it all began, and how they got to the position that they are in today.

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Xfanboy2634d ago

Why does ubisoft make farcry & not crytek?

OpenGL2634d ago

Crytek made the first Far Cry but when they left Ubisoft still owned the franchise which is why they made Crysis.

Shackdaddy8362634d ago

I wish Crytek made farcry still. They would definitely do the game more justice than Ubi.

Farcry 2 would have looked something like this...

Flexatron2634d ago

Loved the first farcry. Hated Ubisoft Montreal's farcry 2.