GamePro: At current rate, PS3 may sell less than GameCube

At current rate, PS3 may sell less than GameCube.

According to the NPD, a firm that tracks North American hardware sales, the PS3 sold 1,742,000 units in its first 10 months of availability compared with 2,120,000 GameCube units.

The GameCube, released by Nintendo in 2001 to compete with Sony's PS2 and Microsoft's original Xbox, is largely seen as a failure. Although commercially successfully (to a degree), the GameCube only managed to sell 22 million systems worldwide compared with 24 million Xbox units and 115 million PS2 machines.

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nasim4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

PS3 sold 1.74 million units in USA alone in 10 months (till august)

In the whole of NA it sold around 2m units (includes canada and mexico)

This is clear FLAMEBAIT .

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what a shame?


in US alone ps3 has sold over 1.8 m units till august

if you add mexico and Canada you have over 2m hands down.

Here you go.

PS3 has sold around 1.8 m units till august in USA alone

PS3 sold around 114 000 units in Canada till august

add rest of AMERICA (includes Brazil and Mexico and other latin american countries) and you have 2.0 m + ps3s

@the MART

u have seen MCV UK's figures for x360 (1.4 m in UK and just 1 m in rest of PAL)

x360 has sold <10m worldwide (400 k in japan + 2.5m in EU (with 40% of the consoles already been traded in for either wii/ps3 +6.8 m in the whole of NA ( US+can+mexico+brzail+ other american regions)

ps3 has sold around 5.5m worldwide ( it beats x360 10:1 in JAPAN and 3:1 in EU (everyehere except UK))

BLaZiN PRopHeT4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

NA doesn't include Canada or Mexico. Canada's numbers are separate from NA's nice try on the spin tho.

@playslave above me. these numbers are just the us not canada and mexico. so why add them in when they are talking about only the us? because your trying to spin it. and according to the article they sold 1.7 million.

once again nice try on the spin

Edit: once again the article isn't talking about NA + Canada its only talking about NA so why are you adding Canada into it?

Mu5afir4092d ago

NA or NORTH AMERICA, is the continent that consists of three countries. The United States, Canada and Mexico. When looking at NA numbers the Ps3 has sold roughly 2 million units. I suggest you go back to sixth grade and learn your geography once again.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

@Mu5afir NPD tracks Canadas sales seperate fron NA(North America). which means canada has there own sales charts. the article was talking about NA only not NA and canada combined.

and i dont know about mexico. no one has every cared up until the playslave above me mentioned them.

and you see that i don't have to insult you to make you look like a should try it some time.

Violater4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

Description North America, the planet's 3rd largest continent, includes (23) countries and dozens of small island possesions and territories - mostly in the Caribbean. It contains all Caribbean and Central America countries, Canada, Mexico and the United States of America - three of the largest countries on the planet, as well as Greenland - the world's largest island.

But ya know USA > the whole world to some people, most of which have never been anywhere else.

Kleptic4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

blazin' prophet...what are you talking about?...if they have seperate Canadian sales figures...they are simply that...but no matter which way you spin it..NA INCLUDES Canada...if they are saying NA sales only mean US...then that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard..

but Canada has about as many people total as Southern California...Canada's sales figures are always dwarfed entirely by the US...and, although Mexico has a fair amount of people, its pretty much the same story...

NA sales should always be US/Canada/Mexico...This whole argument hurts my head...and I just read what you typed again..."NA(North America) not NA combined with Canada"...hahaha what? are one conused dude, dude...

Gina-get-u4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

If they meant to talk about the United States only, they would have said "US," which is not only more precise and informative, but also much shorter and easier to write than "North America." Also, people who know better wouldn't normally take the extra effort to add the word "North" to "American" if all they wanted to talk about was the United States, because plain old "American" by itself gets the job done. Also, there are few quicker ways to make yourself sound foolish and unprofessional than to write "North America and Canada."
If you want to argue that the figures don't include Canada and Mexico, then you should have said "this is only US, not the entire North America." But even then I think you would have been wrong, because by pointedly using "North America," the author is telling us he added in the separate NPD figures for Canada.
Anyway, you don't have to believe me. You can ask your English composition teacher in class tomorrow.

Bonsai12144092d ago

blazing prophet. how do you associate NA with US? my lord, what grade are you in. i'm hoping that you made a simple mistake, or america's education system has gone downhill a mere 4 months after i graduated...

Blitzed4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

While I really hate to agree with a fanboy like Nasim about anything, Canada is in North America. Are you suggesting North America only includes the US?! North America is a continent, not a country, hense the name United States OF America. Not to mention Canada is the LARGEST country in North America. I can assure you, when the NPD says "North America" they mean North America, not just the US. They have individual charts for US and Canada (and Mexico) as well. You should check your facts, before emabarassing yourself and insulting an entire nation.

Oh, and our Dollar is more powerful than yours now too!;)

(for the record I have no beef at all with the US, just those within it that have the arrogance to think the US is the only country of worth)

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Relientk774092d ago

.... wow thanx for the dumb article GamePro

at CURRENT rate it may sell less than the Gamecube

um what about price cuts, new PS3 models, Ratchet and Clank Future, MGS 4, Haze, GTA 4, GT 5, FF 13, Killzone 2

and the fact that PS3 sold more units at 10.5 months than xbox 360 at a year

sak5004092d ago

@ the retard " um what about price cuts, new PS3 models, Ratchet and Clank Future, MGS 4, Haze, GTA 4, GT 5, FF 13, Killzone 2 "

Most of the games will take 8-12 months to come, wtf r u smoking? Sales will go up when they expect a game to come in a year?

Kleptic4092d ago should have known better...

the PS3, 10 months in, has been destroyed...its over...sales will only fall, despite prices coming down and more and more high quality games being released from this month into the future...everyone knows that...go to college...

every educated person on the planet understands is always correct and easy to write off a product in the first 10% of its life cycle...A company that has never made a console that sold less than 100 million will no matter what fail...history means nothing...product loyalty means nothing...the only thing that matters is what crap magazines correlate at certain times...the current rate of sales is at a fixed rate, or can at least cannot go higher...which obviously means that the PS3 is definitely a 3DO, or a gamecube, or dare I say original Xbox...

on a more serious note I found a lot of humor in that article..."the Gamecube pegged at 22 million sold, just under the xbox at 24 million...and the PS2, which is at 115 million"...and counting...

Devr4092d ago

Ratchet and Clank - 28 days
Haze - November
MGS4 - March or maybe even before that
GTA - Spring
Killzone 2 - Summer
Uncharted - November
LPB - Spring

No idea about GT5 or FFXIII, but most games in 8-12 months? Dear sir, may I ask what it is that you're smoking? :/

Chris_GTR14092d ago

sorry but i dont think any of the titles you just mentioned are going to affect ps3 sales in any significant way.

Ratchet and Clank --- 28 days -no
Haze - November ---no
MGS4 - March or maybe even before that ---yes
GTA - Spring ---yes ,multiplat,= 360 will sell better
Killzone 2 - Summer ---nope (comes out in late 08!)(looks good though)
Uncharted - November ---nope

SlippyMadFrog4092d ago

It's strange how Heavenly Sword and Lair have dissapeared off of all the PS3 fanboys lists thats supposed to push the PS3 into the lead. How many millions of PS3's did those games shift again?

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Dlacy13g4092d ago

You have links w/ proof of the PS3 sold more units at 10.5 months than xbox 360 at a year ? Please by all means post them.

And as for the PS3 being the gamecube... Check your facts...first 10.5 months its selling LESS than what the gamecube did in its first 10.5 a comparison is more than fair.

The didnt say it was going to be the gamecube of this generation...just that the numbers are not looking good and it "could" wind up going down that path.

Ease up ....dont get your fanboy panty's in a wad over an article that is just talking about sales trends and comparisons.

PS3 still has plenty of life to go...and I for one dont really believe it will stay at the level of the gamecube over its life.

gaffyh4092d ago

Here is a link:

Basically it shows you launches of all 3 consoles and how they have done by amount of weeks. PS3 hasn't sold more than 360, maybe a little more or less, it looks the same to me.

The fact that PS3 has sold the same amount as the 360 did and it costs much more, and was released when there was already competition in the market shows it isn't a failure. If PS3 is a failure then the 360 is also a failure.

Dlacy13g4092d ago

First off the site isnt working so no way to verify numbers...

Secondly...VGchartz is quite un-reliable in their sales figures, and that is a known fact. Analysts and well anyone in the industry go off of the NPD numbers as they are considered official so just word to the wise..dont trust vgchartz to be accurate.

Third...This article is talking about North American sales the comparison of PS3 to the gamecube was for North American sales ONLY. Not worldwide....but NA only. If the NPD is stating that the PS3 sales in North America through 10.5 months are comparable to the Gamecube...then guess what? They are. Deal with it.

Still looking for that proof from NPD that the PS3 outsold the 360 in North America through 10.5 months.....

MRMagoo1234091d ago

to 3.2 u do know its not just the US that matters if its doing so bad in the US surely that means its beating xbox 360 in other countries since there says are nearly identical

PimpHandHappy4092d ago

so now its not 3DO but gamecube....

funny stuff

22million game cubes since 2001! Why dont we wait till 2012 b4 we start talking about sales trends then!



Marceles4092d ago

Gamepro writers are seriously bored writing articles like this, weekly I might add.

cooke154091d ago

identical people to yourself go on loving anti wii articles, maybe you should give comments like these to articles that are anti Wii. Seriously this place is nothing but a haven for Sony fanboys