Hidden Gems: Advance Wars: Dual Strike -

This installment of Hidden Gems focuses on Advanced Wars: Dual Strike

"My Nintendo DS and I have had a very strange relationship over the years, and the Advance Wars series is largely to blame. I try to pick up titles for the system as often as I can, since it's great to have a portable system for those long rides home or boring days at the office, and generally the investment goes into RPGs or silly platform games. Titles that I pick up, beat, and then get thrown on the shelf almost never to be revisited. There is one exception to this rule however, and that exception is called Advance Wars. The series had me from the very beginning up until Days of Ruin, when it felt to me like the entire purpose of the game was completely lost upon the developers, which leaves Advance Wars: Dual Strike as (in my opinion) one of the best Turn Based Strategy games ever created; let alone one of the best games on the DS to date."

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ShawnCollier2474d ago

I always enjoyed the Advance Wars games.

mephman2474d ago

I've never really got into the Advance Wars games, but it looks like this is where I should start.. and end.

fozzness2474d ago

Can hardly agree more with the enjoyment of having a handheld.. sadly I haven't had one since Gameboy, but if I DID have a DS.. I'd give this one a shot ;-)

JDouglasGU2474d ago

may have to check this game out