Kotaku: PS3 Breeding Game Has PS2 Level Graphics?

Kotaku reviewed the video for the "Breeding" strategy RPG, Record of Agarest War on the ps3 and had this to say:

"You call this a PS3 game? Sure, we're watching a bad quality internet upload and should really see it first hand, but still. This doesn't even try to push what the hardware is capable of! "Breeding" strategy RPG Record of Agarest War looks more at home on the PlayStation 2 than the PLAYSTATION 3. And even for a PS2 game, it looks cheap. And crappy."

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shodown194062d ago

I've never heard of this game.

lonestarmt4062d ago

i have, it looks pretty cool, its an rpg and and the ps3 needs some. Screw this guy, i bet he doesn't think very highly of diseaga either. I love next gen graphics, but their is nothing wrong with 2d, drawn characters. I know its a required taste, but thats what it is, not cheap and crappy, go play a next gen FPS kotaku.

artman4061d ago

it's possible, that they a bunch of geeks and a big fans of MS, nor get paid by MS.

everything about ps3 looks crappy, this is what happen when geeks make a review games.
by the way, kotaku (otaku=geek in japanese) but for sure they have different taste of otaku

midgard2294062d ago

nothings wrong with 2d games, look at odin sphere, disgaea and soul nomad, amazing games and they're 2d, 2d games are different and still very fun, sure 3d graphics are great and can be fun but so can the oldschool 2d. aslong as the 2d doesnt look like a snes game thats fine,

hey wasnt this the game that u have to find a girl to marry then u have a succesor who takes ur place, which is ur son, and he or she becomes is different depending on the girl u marry? like her race and hair color, good or evil???

Douchebaggery4062d ago

i agree that complaining because a game is 2d on ps3 is retarded but there a big difference between beautiful 2d like odin's sphere cheap 2d like soul nomad

Seraphim4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I Strongly Agree!! Gaming shouldn't be about the next greatest thing. ie: PS3/360 with their graphical, physics, etc capabilities. There's nothing wrong with a game like Dragon Quest VIII/Rogue Galaxy, Disgaea, Odin Sphere, or even Okami style game on the PS3 or 360. Every style and type of game should be represented. And just as important as the big mega titles like Bioshock, Killzone 2, Assassins Creed, are the games like Disgaea, Shin Megami Tensei, etc. These games should co-exist with the modern marvels on next gen consoles. Granted, in HD, but their style should be represented. Matter of fact look at Disgaea 3 even. It's nothing more than PS2 Disgaea in High Definition. I certainly wouldn't and won't be complaining about that. It'll be the 3rd Disgaea title I buy on day ONE...

sandip7874062d ago

no offence but this does look like it could be done on ps2, or even ps1 for that matter. not that im a graphics whore, but it just doesnt look all that to me

lonestarmt4062d ago

if your not, then why doest it matter to you?? lol its an 2d rpg, some people just don't like those games. This review of the video is the perfect example on whats going wrong with reviews these days. You got a guy reviewing that obvious doesn't understand how the whole genre thing works. Get fans of the games to review it.

sandip7874062d ago

what the hell do you mean 'doesnt matter to you'?.
im open to all games, so dont tell me what i should and shouldnt be looking at on my favourite console..
yeh your right, im not big on the whole 2d rpg scene, but so what, does this mean i cant have an opinion?
btw i said im NOT a graphics whore, meaning i dont play games for graphics, which is surely how you need to think when playing these games.
and i dont really think i reviewed it, i merely said it doesnt look all that, but im sure that if i ever had to review the game then i may enjoy it. god im sick of genre fanboys who hate on those who dont know as much about it....

lonestarmt4062d ago

what the hell do you mean"god im sick of genre fanboys who hate on those who don't know as much about it.... " jj I was just saying if graphics aren't that important to you then you wouldn't have said it looks like a ps1 one game. It just sounded like you weren't a fan of the genre. Which is ok, no one is telling you to like it. In fact I said that in my post I think. lol. The reason fans of a certain genre do that to people who don't know or understand it or whatever you want to call it, is because they are sick of them bashing the game or giving it a bad review when obviously there not a fan of the genre to begin with, so they really shouldn't have say on anything about the game. Not saying you are, but there a lot of ignorant people out there, who think only there opinion matters.

sandip7874062d ago

ok man sorry for being a bit aggresive :)
i get defensive when anyone says anything about MGS lol
and i do agree with you on the review thing, it should be people that know about the series reviewing it, not people who dont know about/dislike it.

lonestarmt4062d ago

hey man, NP. I didn't mean to come of calling you anything. I agree i can get defensive too. MGS is sacred to me too! giving you a bubble !!

sandip7874061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

lol thanks man, bubbles right back at ya :)

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