Halo 3 becomes second-fastest selling game in UK history, behind GTA: San Andreas

Halo 3 has become the fastest-selling Xbox 360 game of all time – and the second-fastest selling game in UK history, behind GTA: San Andreas.

However, PS2 had been on sale for four years when San Andreas was released in 2004, and had sold 6.6 million consoles in the UK – meaning that just one in ten PS2 owners bought the game.

According to ChartTrack, Microsoft's UK installed based now stands at 1.4 million after less than two years on the market – meaning that one in three owners has already purchased a copy of Halo 3.

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nasim4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

x360 might not even have a 5 m base in EU in its entire lifetime.

It made almost no impact in the rest of Pal territories. x360 sells only in UK...not very much but quite decent.

Halo 3 is x360's biggest game so definitely it would sell among existing xboxers

BTW PSP is now the top selling gaming product in UK /EU

the new PSP SLIM beats DS by around 50 000 units in EU (thx to TV connectivity)

PSP is also the no1 selling gaming product worldwide. It beats the closest rival DS by over 100 000 units per week

@KOKORO ..halo 2 sold around a million in UK..halo 3just like Halo 2 is selling only among old oxboxers who have purchased a console for the game/existing x360 owners.

It is not attracting new crowd.

In comparison to this FF12 sold over a million units on launch day in EU. FF12 was on the top charts of all EU countries. But halo 3 was outgunned by FIFA 08 everywhere in EU except UK/IRELAND.

MS should concentrate only on NA ..they have good chance here of doing well.EU is just SONYLAND. as soon as the ps3 drops to 399$/300 pound competition would be instantly over.

even at a high price point PS3 outsells competition in most parts of EU. A cheaper ps3 would finish competition as anticipated in OCTOBER/NOVEMBER

darkequitus4063d ago

your propaganda is a comical joke just like comical ali.

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Kokoro4063d ago

Is a hit! No doubt about it, it will probably close in at about 800.000 copies in the UK. Which is a pretty good guess.

PimpHandHappy4063d ago

2nd is just the first loser

PS3n3604063d ago

wouldnt think very highly of the PS3rd place

Mr PS34063d ago

Be relagated to 3rd or 4th or hell even tenth over here in the UK what will all the great titles that are due out on the PS3!! Goodnight Halo we did'nt like teletubbies over here and for sure don't like halo

bootsielon4061d ago

Whatever. An FPS will not sell me any console. Lost Odyssey doesn't seem to be the next RPG revolution anyway...