The Committee: The Best and Worst of Zelda

The Committee is in session. We're taking on various issues in gaming, and our word is final. In this installment, we rank the Zelda games for posterity in honor of the series' 25th anniversary.

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Zashule2601d ago

Glad to see WW finally starting to be realized for the superb game it is!

zgoldenlionz2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

totally agree with ya here. WW is my all time favorite and ive been playing the series from the beginning when i was like 6 years old.

nintenflo2600d ago

Wind waker is by far the best zelda, I'll put it this way it's the only zelda game I completed!

sbgamescone2600d ago

Not sure I'd go so far as to say it's the BEST one of the series, but I definitely think it's one of my favorites.

Nugan2601d ago

The idea of ranking the Zelda titles is cool, but this article lost me here:

"Zelda did a lot of things right, but I just can’t get past the early NES graphics. I’ve never played it, and, due to the roughness of the graphics, I just don’t see me ever playing it, when I can get my classic Zelda fix with Link to the Past instead."

This was the moment that the article stopped seeming like a something from a professional site and starting sounding like fan blog drivel.

First, attacking a NES game for its graphics on a technical level is ridiculous. Art design, sure. But you can't attack a game for failing to exceed the technical limitations of the hardware. Frankly, this just makes you seem like, well, a child.

Secondly, ranking a game that you never played and using such a flimsy excuse to justify not playing it is just blatantly unprofessional.

There are a lot of legitimate small gaming sites struggling for attention, and its lapses in professionalism like this that damage their reputation.

Nugan2601d ago

Oh, and on a "you're entitled to your opinion, but 'jesus!'" note:

Oracle of Seasons/Ages out-ranking Ocarina of Time. Wow. Just no.

mamotte2600d ago

And the same genious continues: "Sure, tons of people love Link’s Awakening. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play a game with Link AND Yoshi in it? Well, I’d love to, but not if it means playing a game with Game Boy graphics. They limitations of the system just serve to frustrate me these days, no matter how critically acclaimed a game on it is"

Is completely.... stupid, that's the word. Attacking a Game Boy for it's thecnichal limitations is even worse that attacking a NES

sbgamescone2600d ago

Considering it's an opinion piece and the wide variety of Zelda titles released over the years, I don't think there is any way this list would ever please everyone.

Nugan2600d ago

There's a difference between voicing an unpopular opinion and being blatantly unprofessional.

Saying Oracle of Seasons/Ages is better than Ocarina of Time is voicing an unpopular opinion.

Ranking a game without playing it is blatantly unprofessional.

Would a movie reviewer rank a series of films without watching all of them? Of course not. Would a reviewer for a tech magazine rank smart phones without using them? God no. Would a music magazine rank the best albums by, say, Bob Dylan, without listening to all of them through? Absolutely not.

This isn't a matter of i-like-this-but-you-like-that. This is about failing to live up to even the most basic of journalistic standards. And it doesn't only reflect badly on your site, but it helps to reinforce stereotypes about small, upstart gaming sites having low quality content. It's bad for you, and it's bad for the community.

colorninja2600d ago

Nugan, you make valid points. All games should be played before ranked. I can see, though, what Shawn Vermette was trying to say.

His view, that the dated technology of the game is enough of a barrier to keep him from playing the games, is not a popular one, and not one shared (it seems) by most of the others. It is, though, a factor. I personally disagree vehemently with him, but in a group of seven people, it's not unacceptable for that segment (which unfortunately exists) to be represented.

Pieces like this are meant to spark debate, and whether 8-bit visuals hold a game back not for its time, but for all time, is something that should be discussed.

kesvalk2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

lies, minish cap is the best zelda game ever...

TacoTaru2600d ago

I love WW but every time I think of replaying it I remember the sneaking around inside the barrels part and quit before I start. Too bad because except for that one part it is one of my favorite happiest games ever.

CDbiggen2600d ago

As much as I love WW I'll still take ALTTP as my absolute favourite Zelda ever.