Metacritic users drag down Dragon Age 2 rating

Metacritic users have dragged down Dragon Age 2′s rating rather spectacularly, leaving all versions with an extremely low average user review score.

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kasasensei2567d ago

*see the sky*
-Look son, an epic shit storm is coming.

GrieverSoul2567d ago

Judging by the demo, I would actually give the game that.

But since I havent tried the full game, I wont say another word.

OdinFallen2567d ago

Get your little jab out of here. Stop trying to fuel the flames.

nickjkl2567d ago

goes to /v/ to see if they did this so i can say


chainer30002567d ago

My PS3 version is a piece of trash. It freezes every 5-10 minutes, no lie. Have not made it past the prolog, and this is with 8 hours or so of trying.

Finally just ponyed up and bought another version on Steam, which works magnificantely. Problem is, I am now stuck with a non-working PS3 signature edition. Bioware/EA really fudged up this release for a good bunch of us. Check out tech support on Bioware's forums, it's overrun with issues, confusion, frustration, and no help from Bioware, just questions about previous DA:O saves, ME2 saves, and things like that.

Clearly they hired a crack time of monkeys to dev this for the PS3 version... that said, PC version works wonderfully, but I still won't give this game better than 1/10 before it BOTH products work as they should.

kevnb2567d ago

And they called it a console port lol.

jadenkorri2567d ago

thankfully i hold off on alot of games because i have so many to play right now anyways. Im backlogged with a few games i haven't finished, so dragon age 2 is a wait and buy later, hell i haven't even finsihed the first one yet.

ChrisW2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

You guys do understand that those scores will disappear because they are all from people who haven't played the full game... especially the ones that were posted before the game's release.

Besides, I look more at the critics reviews. I normally read the negative and mixed reviews first, just to see if there's really anything that I might care about... Normally for AAA titles, it's just a matter of opinion on the really bad negative reviews. Thus should be taken with a grain of salt.

RedSky2567d ago

Return it chainer3000.

You are legally entitled to do so if the product is defective. If you assert it is, I doubt the place you bought it from will contest it.

Agent VX2567d ago


I really think you underestimate what is happening. Don’t get me wrong, I have played the demo, and if I wasn’t a experienced RPG player, I would think this game is good.

Butttt.... the main point with the negativity is that BioWare teamed up with their money hungry big brother (EA) is turning their “Staple” gaming, which is RPG’s into simplified button mashers. They rushed this product out, and no doubt by orders from EA is to get as much DLC out as possible very soon. If you have played their RPG’s, you would know exactly what I am talking about.

People who play RPG’s are worried that this new step by BioWare to make the game more “Accessible” to more users is selling out. They are one of the last great RPG creators in the video game industry, and this title is a big step backwards on how RPG’s are played.

Everyone has a right to voice their opinion, and I think there is a big segment of the older style of RPG players that are gonna be disappointed with this title, I know I am.

ChrisW2567d ago

Agent VX,

'Well Said!' bubble.

chainer30002566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )


I have the signature edition, and alas, lacking the foresight to know my copy would not work beyond the starting menu, I unlocked all my DLC before playing a new game, like most people would. At least, I do for all my games.

The problem is Amnazon can only repay me what I paid - which I am considering as I've bought the PC version and am on playthrough #2. I have a ticket that has been escalated twice with EA (didn't go through bioware, that would take decades) so I will what that yields, or if I can get a replaced, sealed copy of the signature edition - to regain the value it *should* have been worth if I got a working copy. I also do jsut want the signature edition as I am a huge bioware fan and it is collectable.

*****Edit: going to need bubbles to post again here... thanks anyone!

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NukaCola2567d ago

Then I will equip the "Umbrella of I don't give a damn"!!!!

The user score has no bearing on anything. Regardless of game, book, movie, console, etc..

Sony3602567d ago

Who pays attention to user reviews anyway?

lex-10202567d ago

I do. As long as the review is within a 6-8 radius. I hardly believe user reviews over an 8 because most of the time it's just a fan-boy who's all hyped for the game and just got off the adrenaline rush of beating it for the first time.

gcolley2567d ago

who pays attention to metacritic user reviews is the real question

bageara2567d ago

WTF! that is one of the most stupidest things ive seen on N4G. So all games to you are between 6-8? anything else is written by fanboys? nice logic lol

PS3Freak2567d ago

"Most Stupidest"

Oh the irony.

YoungKingDoran2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

i'll take a decent user review over a "professional" review any day.
(and just because its on a website doesn't mean its "professional" (I mean, are you trying to tell me those guys have PHDs??) )

and yeah i know my comment is 12 hours late, but fuck you i had to work, and now i get to live in your guys' comment wake guys. woohoo.

nah, you know i love you guys.
wheres that troll-guy who's always blatantly trolling and i agree SOMETIMES when what he says is really funny. i love you man.
then you got the real troll that actually BELIEVES everything hes saying. where are you? *hugs*
and that guy who takes the real troll SUPER SERIOUS. and he starts pulling out these facts, and proof and, and you knowwww, you KNOW he exaggerated that number by a couple of million.
you're the fool we hate to love pal, and i know what you're thinking, no; i didnt get that mixed up.
what about the guy who writes the huge essays you never read and when you get to the bottom its like this:
Agree(02) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
and you feel bad he put so much effort into it so you just agree with him... or disagree, LOL.
Agree(997) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
there's that really friendly guy you've bever seen before who makes the <i>cute</i> jokes and everyones like "hey where you been man?" "miss you, bro" ... i dont really know you, i never have, but i love you too.
theres the level headed guy, you're okay.
then you got me, some weird guy you see a comment from every now and then. and he's weird but like; yeah, i guess he's kinda funny.

and if anyone ever even reads this... again, i know what you're thinking, and; yes i had a cone halfway through that comment.
dont do drugs kids, cause i just wasted like 16 minutes writing a huge _N4G_ comment... i feel so dirty.
urghh got to iron a shirt for tomorrow too. fuck work. forget what i said earlier kids, DONT WORK!

bageara2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

@PS3Freak lol yeah you got me but in my defence i wrote that when i was pissed late last night and its not really irony, just bad grammer

@Ro0 What the fuck you been smoking dude? lol

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Oxymoron0282567d ago

PS3 Version: 84/100
X360 Version: 83/100


Also, this is why Meta Critic is an unreliable source. All it takes is a group of dedicated fanboys and you can stifle the score to any game.

Much like this site, it only takes 10 people to get your bullshit spread as news, heyho!

aaronisbla2567d ago

metacritic doesn't take reader review scores and average them into their official scores, hate them if you want, but get ur facts straight

Oxymoron0282567d ago


Metacritic still show user scores on the main page.

aaronisbla2567d ago

the scores aren't hidden, but seriously, if you are a gamer looking on that website, you should know by now that user reviews are often made by raving fanboys on all consoles.

Look at some of the low scores for any kind of exclusive, Halo,KZ2-3, Gears, all have user review scores that are pretty harsh and totally go against what the 'professional reviewers' have given them.

So you'd trust a 25% review over a game thats averaging like 85% on average?

Oxymoron0282567d ago


I'm not talking about your or me, we'll both look at it and see that these review scores are clearly some sort of "piss take".

But not everyone will think like us two when it comes to this site. From what I've seen from around the internet, people throwing around review scores as if they're fact, it seems a lot of gamers cant think for themselves.

Vaud-Villian2567d ago

User score average is 3.1 for PS3 and 3.9 for 360. Both are FAAAAAR under the averages by reviewers

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DarkSpawnClone2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

If you buy games based on metacritic,you are a noob and not a gamer.

TBH i don't think less then half of the people that reviewed the game even played it,which really makes the user review pointless,it's just sad really.

Blad3star2567d ago

Actually meta has saved me hundreds of dollars - I avoided buying games like Haze (55 metascore), Too Human (65 metascore), Dark Void (59 metascore), Lost Planet 2 (68 metascore) and many more.

I still picked some of those games up but not at $60.

Jazz41082567d ago

Picked up the 360 versin and great game.

siliticx2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Are you kidding me. The rating is my barometer on what to buy or at least give a try.
Anything 95 and up = MUST buy, unless it's a rockstar game.
90 and up = most likely a buy, might have to try.
80-90 = mix and match, might depend on track record or sequels
79- : MUST try it before buying

Yes, being a PS3 gamer with these conditions is quite costy.

DarkSpawnClone2566d ago

No I'm not kidding siliticxnoob,just because some games do not have a perfect score doesn't necessarily mean you are going to hate it sure there are games i wouldn't touch with a 50 foot poll there are some games a lot of people didn't like that i found really enjoyable that's why i think this whole buying games based off of metacritic is BS like really why is a 79 a bad score ? you just said you would buy some thing in the 80's but 79 is to low of a score for you LMFAO!!! wtf 1 point and its a bad game now ? come on man play what you like if you want a game get it don't like it sell it or trade it,or hey return it normally you have 30 days to do so unless its a PC game,no big deal.

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nothere4132567d ago

Can't say it's undeserved. Just beat the game a little bit ago, and I'm sorely disappointed with it. Everything feels really sub-par. Especially the story.

Model2567d ago

game deserves what its getting, we need to cure biowares consolitis

CrIpPeN2567d ago

the demo was awful on PS3 stutter all the time in fights.

IF you have a gaming PC, I would suggest get it there if you are still interesting of getting it.

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Obama2567d ago ShowReplies(2)
Alos882567d ago

Some say PC gaming is dead, but PC gamers hating on "dumbed down console ports" sure isn't.

tdrules2567d ago

consumers complaining about an unsatisfactory product.
what next!

Alos882567d ago

I'm talking about those people that hate it without even trying it, based solely on the increased focus towards the console versions (despite the fact this was because Origins sold better on consoles)

radphil2567d ago

" (despite the fact this was because Origins sold better on consoles)"

By like a small amount.

kevnb2567d ago

Lets face it, the pc version most likely made the most money. The pc version of da2 is still by far superior, but the console version is better than before. Da2 feels alot like wow combat wise, which is not a console game last time i checked.

Heartnet2567d ago

The user reviews on all 3 platforms are bad so

ChronoJoe2567d ago

Look at the people who wrote user reviews. Most of them voted on the game on all 3 platforms.

chainer30002567d ago

I wrote a 7/10 on the PC version and 1/10 for PS3. My PS3 version will freeze every 5 minutes without fail. PC version works fine, though.

Killzone3___2567d ago

playing on console is fun and playing on pc is fun too , both are different even in the same game so it depends on the people , in my opinion pc gaming have great graphics but i don't know about the gameplay because i never had a good pc...

pc gaming is dead because of the developers , they don't care , if pc have amazing games like god of war - gt5 - uncharted - gears ..etc everyone will ocme back to it

kevnb2567d ago

Because nobody plays world of warcraft, stalker series, total war series, civilization, witcher, starcraft 2 etc.... Honestly most people dont buy a system for a handful of exclusives.

annus2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I'm sorry, but how the hell did you decide PC gaming was dead? Because it doesn't sell as much of the same title as Xbox? Everyone on Xbox will buy a game if it has GTA, Halo or CoD in it's name. A majority of gamers on console will play those games. Look at PC, you have counter strike, BF, CoD, WoW, Starcraft, DoTA etc. All the gamers are spread out across a shitload of games, they don't all just buy a game because of the name. Games like Counter Strike are what, 10 years old or more? They still have a shitload of people playing. Just because some money hungry company claims that a platform is dead, does not make it true.

kevnb2567d ago

Dont listen to those guys, they are tbe ones who complain about everything.

Shackdaddy8362567d ago

Us PC gamers whine a lot. I will admit it. It's pretty obvious if you ever go into a forum for a PC game.

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2567d ago
Lord_Doggington2567d ago

no one pays attention to the user score anyway

Heartnet2567d ago

erm the peopel spending money to buy the game?

if a game has bad review scores its a bad game :)

Topshelfcheese2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

thats a very narrow way to look at the world...its only a bad game if you have no opinion for yourself and follow other people's words like a sheep.

jakethesnake2567d ago

@Topshelfcheese - well we don't all have infinite money and need to decide what games we will buy and which ones we won't. It may be a narrow way to look at things, but I'm not throwing $50 or $60 bucks after something that isn't worth it. Nor do I have time to play every game ever made - so reviews are an important piece of deciding where I will spend my time/money and where I won't. Not the only piece, but certainly an important one.


@Jake the snake

Thats why you play the demo or rent the game or borrow it from full release, Thats why your on here on a Gaming News website to keep up with the latest releases.

when you see in game footage of a game its pretty easy to tell wether or not its going to be a good game.

tdrules2567d ago Show
Oldsnake0072567d ago

dude you obviosly don't know that most of the user scores on metacritic are from trolls or fanboys.

joydestroy2567d ago

agreed. i'm loving the game on PC. can't seem to stop playing well past my bed time even though i have to wake up early for work the next day. if a game can do that, then it's good in my book.

wollie2567d ago

Im doing the same. I went in think i was gonna hate this game because of the simplification (huge fan of DAO)but his game has just as much strategy and customization as the first (if not more). For people who say its a button masher, try it on hard and see how long you button mashing keeps you alive.

joydestroy2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

try it on hard!? lol i've gotten owned a few times on normal! i think i went to some areas i wasn't quite ready for. i ended up in some cave with all of these guys and i just couldn't defeat them without setting it to casual for that fight. and i think there was one other i had to do that for. i just kept trying, and there was LOTS of pausing going on, but i just died anyway =/

so yah, def not a button masher!

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RyuCloudStrife2567d ago

its not the official meta critic score..

Just look at the Xbox 360 version a 3.4 User Score but a 83 metascore just like the PS3's has no life...

buckley2567d ago

The article specifically states that the "user review" score is dragged down, and does not claim that the official metacritic score is bad.

I thought it was an interesting catch by,personally.

RyuCloudStrife2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

the users haven't dragged down anything except that, which no one cares or listens to, the title is misleading as it makes it seem its the official score that has been dragged down, the official score is 83. This is just stupid tactics in sentences by stupid sites who want hits off sites like N4G, where the flamewars are the norm..

aaronisbla2567d ago

how is it an interesting catch by this has happened plenty of times for exclusive games from both sides, this sh!t ain't nothing new