Xbox LIVE Arcade Update: Torchlight spins the jams at the House Party

El33tonline writes:

"The penultimate entry to Xbox LIVE Arcade’s ‘House Party’ celebration is now available in the form of Torchlight, an incredibly addictive dungeon-crawling RPG from folks that worked on Diablo and Hellgate: London.

Torchlight was first released on PC near the tail-end of 2009 to an ecstatic reception, and now the game has finally made the journey to Xbox 360 via Xbox LIVE Arcade."

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wwm0nkey2631d ago

Bought it and am loving it :)

OliverKO2631d ago

Excellent! Torchlight is a brilliant game! ;)

EVILDEAD3602631d ago

Cool..didnt realize it came out today