Study Finds Problems with Parental Controls on Consoles

A new study conducted by Chicago-based "usability consultancy" research group, User Centric, tested the viability of parental control technologies built into Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles and found that parents' lack of understanding about ratings compromised their ability to successfully set up parental controls.

The study also looks at parental controls built into DVRs, mobile phones, and V-chips on TVs. User Centric's study tested out one of each type of device mentioned above with 20 parents and 20 kids, ages 9-12.

From the study: "During individual usability test sessions, all participants were asked to set up parental controls using a television with a V-Chip, a digital video recorder, a game console, and a mobile phone marketed specifically for children under ten. Participants were also asked to rate each device based on ease of use during set up and their confidence in their own success."

The results: failure rates were 31% for DVR, 36% for mobile phone, 42% for V-Chip, and 47% game console.

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Dark_Overlord4091d ago

So they were just given the item then told to set up parental controls without instructions.

Its the same as if I gave them a box of lego and told them to build the picture that was on the front of the box without instructions.

I don't know about everyone else here but if I'm not sure about something I'll check the manual to see how to do it, which obviously they weren't able to do. So of course a lot of them will get it wrong.

IMO I don't see how anybody could not set up parental controls on a PS3 its settings > security settings, and all the options are there (and yes I can find those without the manual ;-P)