Famitsu review scores – Yakuza of the End, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Steel Diver, and more

First review scores for the PS3 exclusives Yakuza of the End and Motorstorm Apocalypse, as well as scores for Nintendo's new IP Steel Diver and Splinter Cell 3D.

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Redempteur2386d ago

they have every reason to .
it's just a high profile franchise with hig productions value and tos of stuff

Cyrax_872386d ago

Speaking of my lunatics, any of you guys up for some casual races on Pacific Rift? Yeah it's for the trophy but after racing nearly 500 races online, why not go for it?

remanutd552386d ago

what trophy? 50 casual races?

Cyrax_872386d ago

^Yeah, casual races. Unfortunately noone online plays casual races.

blusoops2386d ago

8 is a good score..but i was expecting better. :(

StarScream4Ever2386d ago

8 is a great score. Around the average score that Motorstorm usually gets.

remanutd552386d ago

i have a friend who is already playing it and he says in his eyes is a solid 9 , best Motorstorm yet , i trust more my friend's word than any game journalist , i cant wait to get my imported copy , LUNATICS UNITE!!!! , anyways im expecting 9 - 8 and some 7s as scores from the very smart current generation gaming journalists LMAO

49erguy2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

@ remanutd 55

I'm a lunatic too man, but imported copies might not be able to add the free DLC tracks. If you are US PSN, DLC for the EU game probably won't work.

remanutd552386d ago

yea i know but i want it for collection too , i was thinking about getting the press kit but im not sure yet , im a motorstorm junkie

blackburn52386d ago

Don't really care. One because Famitsu scores are usually very unreliable and Two, no score stopped me from buying MS:PR so it won't stop me this time either.