Halo 3 Online is broken

Bungie are pioneers in matchmaking and everything online, but it seems in all their beta-testing and polishing of the game they left out a crucial ingredient - the ability to share the experience.

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bumnut4088d ago

i agree 100%.

they have ruined the multiplayer, they will be telling us what time we can play in halo 4.

bung tickler4088d ago

its nowhere close to ruined but it would be a nice feature. i wanted to play some infection last night at 2am but i only had like 2 other peaople on that i knew (i only have people i personally know in real life on my friends list)

mike_mgoblue4088d ago

having Friends is the key part of participating in 4-player action.

Halo 3 really is the best online game I have ever played...and there are plenty of friends who play Halo 3.

In fact, there have been several times I got online when ALL of my friends were playing Halo 3!!! That is absolutely amazing!!!

Nightrider1284088d ago

you have obvoisly never played any other game then Halo or your a complete loser, my vote is on the latter.

lockload4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

Lol i wouldnt play multiplayer with people not on my friends list anyway to many A holes

Get some friends..Ive had tons of fund tring out all the custom agme types with a collection of people i dont see how this would be fun with strangers, im fact i would probably annoy them when i cahnge the game every round :-)

EDIT: but i can understand why people would want to be able to search for coop and custome games but thre are millions of combinations once you take into account skulls on campaign and the forge levels not sure how any matchmaking could possibly work..

f1r3waII K1LL3r4088d ago

Honestly, I had no idea this was even a problem, Im sorry that I have friends, and have played through legendary, 4 player co-op, and gotten all the skulls already? I mean honestly, if their your friends then this is no problem, i don't understand, halo is awesome. I have had no gripes about it yet. So far I haven't seen any cheating so, yeah I'm happy, I don't know what this guy is talking about, ruined halo? what? um No!

bumnut4088d ago

so you don't think it is a problem that bungie control what game type and map you play?

i think the matchmaking is a good idea, but i also want to open my games to the public.

that is why i think they have ruined it.

Ravenator5294088d ago

I do think that it's stupid that I can't "search" for a co-op game. Not everyone on my "friends list" or "recently played" list is playing "legendary" 4 player co-op at any given time.

Not to mention that many of the people on my friends list, I met during random matches of 2 player GOW online co-op.

The fact that I can't choose specific "objective" based multiplayer games doesn't really bother me too much. If I play Big Team Battle, I can assure you that games such as capture the flag and territories will rotate quite often. IMO, it's kind of fun not knowing what your next game will be until it hits.

There are good and bad. Just like with GOW, the fact that there was no matchmaking system and limited multiplayer options was sort of a letdown.

Oh well, I'll still be playing this game for a very long time regardless of some of my issues.

Igniter4088d ago

The problem here is too many developers are focused on ranked mp games. Gears you have to play rank without friends to get achievements. COD4 you have to play rank with no more friends than can fit on 1 team to get experience points to get more guns and perks. Developers need a better focus on the friends and having fun part of MP.

Ravenator5294088d ago

You can still gain enlisted "rank" (gaining experience points) in Halo 3 while playing social matches. While your number rank won't change unless you are playing ranked games.

The only time either of those won't be affected is while you are playing custome games.

But I do see your point when it comes to GOW and COD4. I was really turned off by the fact that the GOW "online" achievements were only obtainable through ranked matches.

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