Nintendo Giving Away Anti-Slip Remote Jacket

From Nintendo press release, new Nintendo Wii will ship with Anti-Slip Remote Jacket, and all the current Wii user can apply for a free one October 2nd by either, or calling 866-431-8367

"Nintendo tonight announced that they will be giving away free silicone covers for their Wii Remotes starting Oct. 15. The Wii Remote Jacket will also begin shipping with all Wiis, remotes sold separately and packs of Wii Play which include the remote.

The Wii Remote Jacket provides "cushioning for the Wii Remote for people who might accidentally throw or drop their Wii Remotes while playing games," according to the Nintendo press release."

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Kulupoo4092d ago

good thing I didnt spend money on buying a silicon mote holder...
I will apply mine ASAP :D

djt234092d ago

nice, i know alot people would be glad about this

xplosneer4092d ago

The TV was already broken! (No offense)

Kulupoo4092d ago

ya I hear you....
there is too many TV broken stories cause by wii mote...

unsunghero284092d ago

I guess I'll have to order mine right away.

It looks a little goofy- the reason I never got a silicon Wii Remote Cover was that I like the clean design of the Wii Remote- but I'll admit that it (like all game controllers) gets pretty sweaty, which is a much bigger problem when you're moving it around frantically.