Bungie Jumping Microsoft's Ship?

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that Bungie's entire operation is uprooting itself from the Microsoft campus of its own volition and taking the Bungie brand with them. Not bogus that, now that the Halo trilogy is done, many of the developer's staffers are likely pondering following in the footsteps of Bungie founder Alex Seropian, who left to create indie shop Wideload Games (Stubbs the Zombie) in 2004.

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doomsonyman3943d ago

this is impossible microsoft bought bungie they couldn't leave even if they wanted to

SnakeCL3943d ago

There's nothing stopping the employees from simply quiting and forming a new studio.

WilliamRLBaker3943d ago

nothing at all, but hes just saying that bungie cant leave unless Microsoft sells them because microsoft owns bungie.

the employes can leave.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3943d ago

I think maybe he was talking about Bungie and it's properties not the actual people. MS does own everything Bungie in tearms of Software and anything Halo (sorry droids your hopes of Halo on PS3 will never happen) But nothing is stopping the devs from leaving to form new studios, hell thats how we get new IPs. example Stubbs the Zombie a MS exclusive. If devs do leave I would bet a million that they still make Xbox exclusive games after all MS is their bread and butter.

MADGameR3943d ago

I don't care if Halo 4 goes on PS3 or not. Infact, I don't want it to go on the PS3. Because if it were to happen.......YES OH YES I REMEMBER NOW......what 360 fanboys kept picking on the PS3fanboys by saying...''IT has NO GAMES'' it would apply to the X Box 360 if I was over exaggerating. Truth is, both consoles have games! Halo 3 is the only reason why millions (NOT ALL) 360 owners came to buy the X Box 360. But then thats it. PS3 has a lot more than just dependant of one game. Thats why MS will lose, because you idiots think 1 overhyped game will do it. Just look at what happened to X Box for overhyping Halo 2. It got pwned 7 times the sales. I want both to be very successful. 360 is now, PS3 is the future.

SnakeCL3943d ago

that it would still be possible for MS to let Bungie go, provided enough of the company wanted to leave. If Bungie employees themselves have enough money, they could simply make MS an offer for their own company. Since all the licenses belong to MS and now Bungie, if they left, MS would still have the rights to Halo. In this situation, MS would actually make money, not lose it with having essentially an empty building, having to hire and pay young, inexperienced programmers and devs, etc.

I admit its unlikely that Bungie would leave as a whole, but its not entirely impossible, and there is precedent for it in other businesses.

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jaja14343943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Never mind, guess I should have read the story first :/

games4fun3943d ago

bunjie leaves microsoft (very unlikely) and ted leaves insomniac (his own studio) to become bunjiac with great games like ratchethalo, and oniresistance.

Xi3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

bungie belongs to microsoft. Think of bungie as another devision of Microsoft. If bungie somehow left, it's the same as if the Sony tv devision left sony, or the Nintendo hardware division left. It can't happen.

for the guy below me
bizarre never belonged to microsoft, Project Gotham Racing does, just like how nintendo let Rare make the diddykong ds game, yet rare still belongs to MSG. It's also why Bizarre creations was making "the club" with SEGA for BOTH 360 AND PS3 before their acquisition by midway. It's like Insomniac for Sony, unless sold by Sony, the company can't leave.

felman873943d ago

It's like Bizarre Creation leaving MS

clownfacemcgee3943d ago

Like CBS corporation split it's tv division into Viacom. Then Viacom and CBS merged again, just to split again recently. The stocks are still owned by the same people. The people just now own stocks for the two companies separately. In the case of Viamcom and CBS, they both have a controlling share owned by a company, 80% of which is owned by one person (the remaining 20% is owned by her daughter).

But, yes, companies can definitely split.

Maddens Raiders3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

This is stupid.

Raiders move to Foxboro and the Patriots re-settle in Oakland in a midnight deal unbeknownst to both teams' fans.......right.

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