Kotaku: "Super Mario Shoes Now For Sale! Run!"

The Run Athletics brand collaboration with Nintendo that resulted in a pair of very bold Super Mario Bros. themed sneakers has born fruit and they're now available for purchase. For the low, low price of $120 per pair, you not only get a fresh pair of bright white kicks, but you also score a unique shoe box emblazoned with the Mario "M" and a free limited edition t-shirt that celebrates the release. Only 400 pairs of the Nintendo Legacy shoes are available, so don't sleep on these if you want to be the first kind on your block to blind a friend with their brilliance.

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kamisama4064d ago

they will most likely become collector items yay!!! where can i get mines

unrealchris4064d ago

from the looks i don't see many getting this kicks maybe the employees at nintendo


Well, it's in portuguese, but I think you'll get it.