Stop Riding the Video Game Hype Train talks about video game hype trains, and how gamers should be more cautious about them. We should all become more informed gamers who are not so easily swayed by video game marketing.

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Godmars2902510d ago

Couldn't agree more. More than anything, graphics reviews and the console/fanboy war, its the hype train that's the root problem of this gen. Companies just have to mention that they're making a game, without offering so much as a name, and instantly some idiot will be willing to defend it to the death as the best game ever.

And then there's the example of Dead Island. The whole of the internet going crazy over a CG trailer, focusing on a zombie kid, with few if any questions about actual gameplay.

People need to start thinking again. Waiting for something to actually examine and question. Not have something shiny flashed in their face so they can e lead around and their wallets emptied.

imoutofthecontest2510d ago

Amen to the article and this comment.

I swear game company executives must laugh sometimes over how easy it is to whip gaming masses into a frenzy over essentially nothing.

Spitfire_Riggz2510d ago

Exactly why we have day one DLC for KZ3

ChristianGamer2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Godmars i'm finding very difficult to take what you're saying seriously. You are notorious for being a ps3 fanboy and nobody hypes up a game like ps3 fanboys can. Ironically, nobody excuses games from not living up to massive hype as much c ps3 fanboys
Examples of games we know nothing about but have been hyped since announcement include Last Guardian, final fantasy vs Xiii and agent

Godmars2902510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Thanks for showing why you have one bubble.

Something you might want to keep in mind: not all PS3-only owners are PS3 fanboys just as all 360-only owners are 360 fanboys. And people who own both, who have all systems, can especially be bias douchbags.

I'm hoping vsXIII delivers, don't give a damn if it comes to the 360 so long as such has absolutely no effect on the PS3 version. I'm honestly excited for Last Guardian for the same reason I'm disappointed with Square: because of reputation. That and the trailer.

Aside from attacking blind loyalty, questioning Kinect as supposed Gears Halo and COD fans foamed at the mouth over Kineanimals, I'd really like to know what of my actual past history on N4G makes me an unquestioning fanatic to Sony.

And yes, just realized I put a bullseye on my back, but of course given the nature of fanboyism the chances of getting an unbiased reply are next to nill. At best I'll be called a fanboy and somehow that by some will be considered all that's needed to be offered.

imoutofthecontest2510d ago

But is HE doing that right now?
Don't lump somebody in with masses just because.

"You're posting on N4G so you must be an idiot because N4G is full of them."
"You're a Christian so you must be a war-monger because they've been in a alot of wars."

Yeah you see how effing stupid those assumptions are?

DelbertGrady2510d ago

I agree. I've seen Godmars trolling all over the place but it's what he's saying right now that counts.

blackburn52510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

I would like to finally put to rest the'no one hypes a game like a PS3 fanboy' garbage people spout. I have seen 360 fanboys hype games 9 months in advance, claim every third party game in existance is a match for PS3 exclusives,claim every year that Halo will 'destroy' the PS3, even hype games that are unannounced,non existant or barely see any footage of and when it doesn't pan out they just switch tracks and jump on the next hype train and start again

I get games like Agent or Last Guardian because we have seen actual gameplay but a game like Forza 4 has shown a few cutscenes and we already are hearing how it has beat GT5 months in advance. I agree that the hype train is out of control but it annoys me when idiots try to say that one fanboy hype is worse then the other when they are just as annoying when it comes to hype.

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bozebo2510d ago

So true.

It's really frustrating though because most people are idiots who can't think for themselves (or think they are thinking for themselves but they just aren't) and they ruin things for the rest of us - the game industry suits know this and are exploiting it.

thebudgetgamer2510d ago

i get not taking it too far, but i will be excited when a game i'm intersted in is coming.

imoutofthecontest2510d ago

This is more about games we DON'T know anything about yet, though, and riding that train to the end of the line.

Example: We know details about Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, there are videos of many kinds, and more information steadily coming. Fair enough. But last year, all Sega had to do was say "We're making a new RPG!" and the whole internet freaked out. I read a comment "Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be great." Yeah, it was 7th Dragon. Heard of it since then? Exactly.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets announced, we don't know anything about the gameplay and little about the story, and even people who puked on the first one are like "Wel I"ll buy it day 1 though!" Sometimes I feel like all those teachers were right, that video games really do kill brain cells, because holy crap.

What's worse is when a review of that game comes out, but a reviewer who has beaten it and knows the deal, and then people who've never even played it are like "No credibility! BS review!" if it's negative. The first review of the completed FF13 was a 7/10 and gamers were calling for blood. x_x Shit gets so ridiculous, people are convinced something MUST be a great game even if they've never played it and don't know a damn thing about it.

thebudgetgamer2510d ago

interesting point, i understand.

bozebo2510d ago

yeah, ff13 was junk because they had none of the talent who were there to make the good ff games. square just rode along on the IP and used the success of the previous games to make some cash.

The true ff13 is lost odyssey because it involved key talent in it's development team.

ultimate-remag2510d ago

so what opinions doesn't matter?? i'll hype any game i wish or im interested in... an so should any1 n if u get disappointed the boo hoo..

FailOverHero2510d ago

What is more likely to happen is that everybody that expresses disappointment in a game that you've hyped up will likely be called a biased fanboy. Why do you think conspiracy theories are the top excuses for a game not reaching potential this gen? People over hype games and cannot deal with the truth when it releases and have to come up with excuses to explain just why it isn't as good as they spewed it would be. I'd give examples but I do not want to lose bubbles

ASSASSYN 36o2510d ago

Stop telling me what trains to ride. I can think for myself. I can hype if I wanna.

bozebo2510d ago (Edited 2510d ago )

Agreed. Over marketing will be the demise of the industry (or at least, it will kill some big franchises which it already has: cases in point being CoD, FF and GH).

People think a game will be awesome simply because it is marketed very well, the marketing budgets are often ten times that of the actual production costs - doesn't that say something?

You can totally tell when a game is going to be junk just by the trailers/adverts etc. But this is something that plagues every sector, not just games.

That said, there are plenty of games which are good and also highly marketed - marketing may also be important to get a genuinely good game recognised to make sure it will succeed as a franchise.

"If demos are available, have at them, but realize that they ... may not represent the quality of the entirety of the game either"
er, generally you can tell from sheer seconds of a demo if a game is actually good. It is simple things like how loud the footsteps are (SO damn loud in ff13 and infamous, what the hell were they thinking?) and how the aiming feels in FPS games.

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