Makers of Bayonetta Reveal Flashy New Heroine

Platinum Games and Sega, the ones responsible for Bayonetta, plan on continuing to produce games featuring a risque heroine protagonist kicking major enemy butt. Their clothing selection, or what of it, has always involved skin-tight clothing that looks like it could be painted on. Their new development project, Max Anarchy, seems to be no different.

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Myst2841d ago

I am actually intrigued. Quite intrigued

Myst2841d ago

Damn my editing capabilities is gone now, but anyway does this woman look like the one from MadWorld to anyone else? I searched around and they seem to have the same name, almost same appearance {save for outfit} yet the same spikes on the breasts are still there.

MasterChief36242841d ago

Yeah. I was just about to come here and say this looks like MadWorld but with actual color, and a female main character rather than a male.

And yes, she definitely looks like the girl that throws the Black Baron into the Bloodbath Challenges. That's what sparked my thought that this is a female MadWorld actually :D

anasurimbor2841d ago

Yes, she does, but that's not awfully surprising considering this game is pretty clearly an evolution of Madworld, and Jack is in it too.

MaxXAttaxX2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

With a female character.

chainer30002841d ago

While that character model may be somewhat unique, the gameplay does not look so inspired. Never even heard of this game and it looks like it is releasing this year? Maybe I will read the article attached to the video...

BDSE2840d ago

You can hardly argue that many new games have gameplay that is inspired, they all tend to stick to what they know works.

chainer30002840d ago

"You can hardly argue that many new games have gameplay that is inspired, they all tend to stick to what they know works."

For real? Here's some for you to check out: Heavy Rain, UFC franchise, Fallout remakes, Assassin's Creed, Batman Arkham Asylum, Dead Space, Castlevaina Lords of the Shadows, Red Dead Redemption, UC2, Mass Effect 2, Infamous, Valkyria Chronicles, inFamous, Bioshock, LBP, DJ Hero, Dragon Age, etc etc. They build upon things that work, they don't just bundle a bunch of crap we've seen before into one package, they are all inspired and genre-crossing games.

This looks no more complicated than 1990s dynasty Warriors in gameplay, couple that with the fact the only thing I've heard about this game is a hyper-sexual female character is the star... well, I won't be buying it.

I liked bayonetta, but from what I have seen, this is a shameless cash-in rehash with a slightly altered model and bland environments. Not that there is much out there, still nothing head turning or note worthy about this at all.

BDSE2839d ago

Heavy Rain- I'll give you that.

UFC franchise- a fighting game

Fallout remakes Vat's system aside, at heart just an FPS

Assassin's Creed- Third person explorer, just expanded on what was done in Tomb Raider/MGS

Batman Arkham Asylum- Third Person, expanded MGS/Spiderman etc etc

Dead Space- Third Person, expanded Resident Evil 4

Castlevaina Lords of the Shadows- Third person Tomb Raider/POP

Red Dead Redemption- Grand Theft Auto

UC2- UC1

Mass Effect 2- Mass Effect

Infamous- Crackdown

Valkyria Chronicles- So many JRPG too numerous to mention

inFamous-errrr Crackdown?

Bioshock- System shock

LBP- The user created aspect aside, every other 2D platformer created since the 8bit era

DJ Hero- Yeah i'll give you this

Dragon Age- countless RPG's.

I'm not saying this is a bad thing, why fix what aint broke?

BluePumpkin72841d ago

damn i thought it would be bayonetta 2

Blaze9292841d ago

wasn't impressed by that trailer even the slightest bit.

HolyOrangeCows2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Oversexed female character #2,000,012.

I didn't see any combos whatsoever. The combat better be a lot more impressive than that. And this time, don't make the moves random button combos, like a hack and slash 2D fighter. You know what I'm referring to.

Pretty uninteresting. Even by teaser trailer standards. Uninteresting character (unless you're a 13 y/o fapping it right now), boring looking combat, uninteresting enemies...the music didn't exactly help this video, either.

christheredhead2841d ago

welp, looks like you didnt play mad world.

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anasurimbor2841d ago

This game is gonna be so fucking awesome.

anasurimbor2841d ago

Because Platinum Games are one of the few developers this gen that actually give a shit about their products.

Also, Jack from Madworld.

MajestieBeast2841d ago

The punk latex chick next door.

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