Wii in short supply this Christmas

The upshot is 'form an orderly queue' if you don't already have yours. Nintendo lays it on the line for everyone still waiting on their Wii.

Demand for Wii will continue to outstrip demand this Christmas. What's more Nintendo's US president Reggie Fils-Aime says the company is still getting to grips with the unexpected degree of interest.

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sak5004096d ago

They should take over vacant ps3 producing factories to ramp up production. Thousands of people waitng for jobs will happily start working again.

Cat4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

ugh, seriously? i don't believe that the demand is outstripping their ABILITY to supply this far from launch (and with Christmas something of a set date that nintendo's elves can plan for). it seems they continue to choose to limit supply to increase the hype. "wii sells out the second straight holiday season." c'mon guys, soccer moms are camping out and eight year olds are crying...

@Rooftrellen: they don't make them one at a time. ;) buck up soldier, it sounds like you've already got yours!

DemiseofPandas4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

I have to 100% agree with you, marketing ploy at expense of the consumers. Love your soccer mom reference.

Rooftrellen4096d ago

People say PS3 sales are good. People say 360 sales are good. In a year, Wii has doubled where the PS3 is and is where the 360 got in twice as long.

This, we can agree on, then. Wii sales are crazy. Nintendo didn't expect exceptional sales, anyway, and if they had there would have been long shortages, anyway, because no one expects any console to sell as the Wii has.

I don't see what's so hard to believe about Nintendo really not being able to get production up to where it needs to be. We're talking nearly 20 Wiis per MINUTE being sold for a year. The DS is doing even better and takes time to produce as well.Assume the DS is selling about 50% better over the course of the last year (which is likely a modest estimate), and Nintendo has had to produce 50 consoles total per minute on average to get out what they're selling.

That's one console ever 1.2 seconds!

You really think these shortages are planned by Nintendo, looking at how many consoles, both home and handheld, they've made over the last year?

boodybandit4095d ago

*You really think these shortages are planned by Nintendo*

Absolutely and without a shadow of a doubt, 1000x YES!

PS360WII4095d ago

If you believe that Nintendo purposely has Wii shortages you might as well believe that every other 360 breaks down and that the PS3 is really to cheap.

ItsDubC4095d ago (Edited 4095d ago )

The CEO of Gamestop claimed back in April that Nintendo was purposefully holding back Wii stock in order to have a successful fiscal year and that we would see a huge surge of Wii supply in June. He was dead wrong.

I actually don't find it that hard to believe that Nintendo is unable to supply enough Wiis to meet demand. As Rooftrellen said, the Wii has been selling at such an unprecedented rate to the point at which it has become the fastest-selling console ever made. Ever. So despite the shortage, the Wii has still managed to sell faster than any console to date. How then is it not understandable for the fastest-selling console in history to experience a genuine shortage?

I think a lot of ppl that are claiming that Nintendo has been creating an artificial shortage assume that Wii parts are readily available because much of the hardware isn't as cutting-edge as the hardware found in the PS3 or 360. But the hardware required for motion-sensing (among others) is new, and a supply constraint on any single part sets production back of the entire console. Remember that unprecedented demand for the Wii is also unprecedented demand for every component found therein.

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So Wii is geting a 2nd xmas with short suply, PS3 a 2nd xmas with no games and 360 a 3rd xmas with RROD...

What a "next-gen" do we have...

unrealchris4096d ago

i will buy one when it comes in black to match all my systems

Vizion264096d ago

I wouldn't believe the Wii would be in short supply this Christmas if Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. weren't released. Those games are going to generate a lot of hype and become HUGE sellers! Those games are going to be so big its going to be ridiculous.

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