Uncharted: 2006 Target-render compared September 2007

Here is a comparison of Uncharted's 2006 target-render with its contemporary counterpart - from video footage from the last couple of months.

Credit: bouc_emissaire of neogaf

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techie4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

The 2007 screenshots look leaps and bounds better than the 2006 ones...even though they are captures from a video. What are you getting at Hydrolex?

ps. I concur - it was an early build, not a target render.

Itachi4092d ago

wow the 2007 shots look leaps and bounds better than the 2006 target.. this game is gonna be something.

techie4092d ago

lol is everyone taking the piss? Do american's not say "leaps and bounds"? is it a terribly British thing to say? lol

WilliamRLBaker4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

I only agree with you deep on the enviorments, I think the character models specially skin look much more plastic then in the render.

The enviorments seem to have taken a slight swerve in terms of art form, Much darker...ect Though they look better then the render, I still think skin looks more plastic now.

Edit: upon further viewing of different picture *those aren't very good in terms of compression* the Plants leaves have a plastic quality now too, leaves are not that shiny in darkended areas only in sunlight, and most leaves aren't that shiny at all.

techie4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

And that looks worse how Will? To create that look is a more complex render than the previous flat look. If you want to read about their painterly art style please go ahead - because it is completely deliberate, to make them stand out from the crowd.

They decided this art style AFTER the 2006 render. So what you talk of is merely preference, and nothing to do with the strength of the graphical effects within the game.

Environments darker? Uh...many of the ones attached are in the shade. The HDR lighting actually makes the daylight ones brighter...and the light shines through the leaves. Plus textures are immense: (wet drake also looks cool :p)

stunt2134092d ago

They're like 2 completely different style the 2006 one looks cartoony and the 2007 looks a lot better because it's more realistic.

WilliamRLBaker4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

a lil obsessive about the game deep?
Simply Put No the stuff isn't all ways in shade, the enviorment is darker.

The main dude has a more gruff look he looks meaner, The enemies look meaner and darker, The enviorments are DARKER, In one screeny hes up againest a pillar on a white type wall yet the scene looks dark, more gritty, if you look in the background you can see arches which he is againest the arches go all the way through but no light is comming onto him=darker.

and its not preference you can easily see that when the characters are in a lighted enviorment their skin looks plastic, Its shiny as hell, Even with a muzzle flash of a weapon your skin doesn't light up in a plastic manner.

stop being so obesseive I didn't say the game looked like crap, i simply made a statement that it looks darker, The older target renders with their (flat colors) looked more real then the plastic new ones.

*Humans have a flat tone this is simple fact, even when perspiring*

so looking like plastic is more real?....i dont think i've ever seen a human shine when in the light.

Mu5afir4092d ago

Those pictures are from an older build of the game.

hazeblaze4092d ago

There was a VAST improvement over their 2006 build... awesome to see really. EVERYthing about the later build looks way better... lighting, character models, environment, art detail, etc... Naughty Dog has done a good job pushing their vision on this game!

tfur4092d ago

Your quote:

"The older target renders with their (flat colors) looked more real then the plastic new ones.

*Humans have a flat tone this is simple fact, even when perspiring* "


Will, there is a reason you are not an artist... seriously...

Deep, this is the same guy who said Ratchet & Clank looks like "crap"... don't bother...

Its all just sour grapes... the latest game play footage looks better than the earlier flat shaded ones... everyone knows it...

This game looks incredible.

ShiftyLookingCow4092d ago

clearly current build looks much better(more defined I guess) than the old target render.

sloth4urluv4092d ago

looks alot better than the earlier version (minus the wacked out contrast levels)

BTW I bet you like looking at the wet drake pictures deep :p

nasim4092d ago

to HALO 3---poor low poly models and cartoon graphics

What a shame for MS and x360?

jackfatal4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

i find it that all pictures that are taken now is better and more realistic then the target one's except his face!!


did any one heard his voice?? am interested in his charector and voice!!
and the story!! i hope they put a decent story!! if the story is not good then many people will complain!!

green_ghost54091d ago

What is it with you british, that mmakes you think you are so much better than Americans, remember we came from england, dumbass.

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SmokeyMcBear4092d ago

wow the 2007 shots look leaps and bounds better than the 2006 target.. this game is gonna be something.

SmokeyMcBear4092d ago

hehe i coulnt have said it any better, so i didnt

Cartesian3D4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

I think that was early build not TARGET render.. anyway new footage is REALLY AMAZING (more realistic than 2006 target render!! )..

character models,lighting,amount of textures,animations,visual effects,water physics.... all are No.1

good job ND.

EDIT : wow the 2007 shots look leaps and bounds better than the 2006 target.. this game is gonna be something.

BTW STFU WilliamRLbaker plz... S T F U ... lol ..

xaphanze4092d ago

looks way way way better. I wonder how KZ 2 will look next year.

Ri0tSquad4092d ago

The last build i have seen of the game it looked like there was more color to it more then the one they showed at E3. So we should see some more improvement next year but I think there more focused on making the A.I. better.

Taker_1294092d ago

so they have hit that target now they are working out bugs and getting the online right

mighty_douche4092d ago (Edited 4092d ago )

the target material looks much to 'clean' and 'cartoony'. while uncharted obviously isnt a M rated or gritty grainy game, it still manages to be exceptable on everyones eye while still maintaining a little 'edge'.

also a complete lack of HDR in the render.