LittleBigPlanet: Character Creation Cam Video's New TGS07 Cam video for the upcoming Playstation 3 Title
Little Big Planet
"Switch up you character on the fly with this look at the character creation."

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masterg4092d ago

When did they say the public PSN version was coming out?

Real Gambler4092d ago

Sure enough, it's not fast enough!! This game really look awesome.

felidae4092d ago

but this game looks amazing.

Noodlecup4092d ago

PS3 games just keep looking better and better, they're starting to look like pixar movies, the 360 is gonna have a lot of catching up to do, unfortunately the only chance of catching up will be if they make the 3rd xbox console.

micro_invader4092d ago

wow this game looks great, and so cute :p

PimpHandHappy4092d ago

there is one thing i have never said

"that game is cute and i want to play it"

well thanks Sony! you just made a grown man smile like he just got a new puppy!

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