Bungie, Microsoft Tight-Lipped On Separation Rumors

Those rumors surrounding a Bungie departure from Microsoft sure sound fishy, so Kotaku got in touch with some folks who might know a thing or two about it. Kotaku were hoping for either a "Yes, it's true. You'll find the details of the settlement in the attached PDF" or "Of course it's not true. Don't be ridiculous." Instead they got a double barrel blast of non-confirmation.

The response from a Bungie source? "Talk to your Edelman rep."

The response from Edelman, Microsoft's PR firm? "There's been no such announcement. We continue to celebrate the tremendous success of the global phenomenon that is Halo 3."

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Meus Renaissance4007d ago

Plausible in some sense. Bungie have finished the fight, so what'd be the need to support them even further - could be the Microsoft thinking. If true then perhaps Bungie feel that they'd be better off becoming independent so future games could be multiplatform to ensure profit as they can't rely on Halo any longer.

MaximusPrime4007d ago

Why didnt Bungie just say it? Are they afraid? Did Microsoft told them to stay quiet?

Mu5afir4007d ago

From the other source it does state that they wont announce the separation until 10/06/07. So, not making any comment is pretty suspicious.. why can't these people ever give a straight answer?

Umbrella Corp4007d ago

Bungie is a Pus$y if they dont say anything

happygamer4007d ago

have no ideal whats going on but hope bungie stays with micro

ShiftyLookingCow4007d ago

I dont really care if Bungie decided to be separate(I think if this is what they choose, they wont let anyone else buy them, they will probably make publishing deals like Epic and Crytek) or them making new IPs(which is a good thing), I just hope they continue to make games in Halo universe once every few years. I dont think they want to leave their huge fanbase so easily.

AngryTypingGuy4006d ago

They won't stop making Halo games, because they're so profitable. Of course, Halo is Microsoft's property, so theoretically, Microsoft could let another company develop a Halo game. What company in their right mind would turn that down? It would be great to see Epic develop Halo.

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The story is too old to be commented.