Skate: 'Laid back crash' video

This one is a crash you won't make on a daily basis. Loose your skateboard in air, and land without hurting yourself...

It's a short vid from Gamevideos, you might want to view it more than once!

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ATLRoAcH4096d ago

that was cool as hell.He just crashed like "ain't no thang".

Pete_Approved4096d ago

Haha, damn good movie!! Just a lucky shot!

dhammalama4096d ago

I love how he turns his head at the end just to look cool.

rushbd4096d ago

but a similar thing happened with me in the PS3 demo. :P

There's a chair-like structure in the center of the park. i cashed and the character got himself seated in the chair.

Did i mention Skate is Awesome ???

mighty_douche4096d ago

still as good as this game first appears, great GRX, great animations, nice realism etc etc, i still find it to be BORING as hell after 10 minutes, tony hawks always pi55ed me off abit as im an actually skate boarder and realise you cant triple heelflip into bluntslide and tripe kickflip out into manual and so on, but unralistic as tony hawk is at least it has that fun factor!

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The story is too old to be commented.