PS3 Makes Top 5 Electronic Entertainment Products Of 2007 List

PS3 recently made the cut as one of the top five electronic entertainment products of 2007. The list, compiled by, is described as "rare gadgets whose bang actually matches the hard-earned bucks they cost."

While PlayStation 3 made the fab five, Xbox 360 and Wii did not.

"Sure, it was released near the back end of 2006 and it's currently in third place in the console market, but when you re-envision as a complete home-entertainment center and factor in it's recent price drop, the PS3 becomes a grade-A purchase," the website raved.

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akaFullMetal4064d ago

well i guess that is good for sony? so good job sony

lawman11084064d ago

Top 5 BUSTS of the year, To think people paid over $1,000.00 at launch for this turd (and yes I own one)

XxZxX4064d ago

it's a matter of time before the flood gate is open just like PS2. stay tuned.

xplosneer4064d ago

This is a repeat, I don't know where the old one was though....

LeonSKennedy4Life4064d ago

Keep in mind that Halo was just about it for a lot of gamers...

You have Mass Effect to look forward to, but what else?

GTAIV could be the last game Rockstar ever makes for the 360.

Bungie might not stay exclusive.

Think about when HOME comes out or Little Big Planet...

The PS3 will burst out and OWN!

lawman11084064d ago

Yeah because they are going to hate all of the money that download EXCLUSIVE for the 360 is going to make them. Sony should try making GOOD no...great games that people will want to go out and buy the system. The 360 started with its back to the wall and some not so next gen games at launch and have since built up to well over one hundred games most of them very good and a number that are great. I just got Fall of man and have to say it is a good game that could have been great if it had a thing as simple as rumble.

mighty_douche4064d ago

yet the media still bash it?

things will change in 2008.

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The story is too old to be commented.