Don't post where you eat: Nintendo fires employee for blogging

Anyone still convinced of the anonymity of the internet should maybe think twice before complaining about their coworkers. Jessica Zenner recently lost her job at Nintendo of America over some slanderous remarks made on her blog. This, despite the fact that Zenner wrote under a pseudonym, and used no company or employee names when talking about her work.

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Twizlex4092d ago

What's REALLY funny is that this was posted before, like a month ago.

Maddens Raiders4092d ago

Top Lamer Gamer <------ Total Sarcasm

Tsalagi4092d ago

1)She looks better as a brunette.

2)Girls got some DSL's!!

3)What a dumba$$ for using her real pics on her blog. Like just changing her name would keep anyone from Nintendo who knew her from finding out about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.