Crysis Open Beta Commences

The Crysis multiplayer beta is now open to all members of FilePlanet, whether they have a paid-for account or not.

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skynidas4009d ago

best pc game of the year

mighty_douche4009d ago

c**ts, sorry for the bad language but i have a basic account but when the beta first release it was only available for full members... ba5tards, still at least ill be downloading tonight! WOOOOO!!!

HeartlesskizZ4009d ago

I wonder how many people have a $2000 PC to run this beast

DarkJedi4008d ago

I do too, but I have to say I'm pretty underwhelmed with it. Maybe they cut back on the graphics to keep it really fast (as most mulitplayer fps's seem to do where split second timing can mean the difference between making a great shot and dying), I just thought it looked a tad dated on my 8800gts.

kamisama4009d ago

im trying to download it but the time just keeps on restarting ahhh!!!

MUGEN4009d ago

if you don't subscribe to the site the download time will be around 7 hours because the speed is slow, plus you have to wait in line for almost a hour to download it.

pointystick4008d ago

Its either that or wait until the 26th October