Def Jam Fighting Game: Reborn

GamerFitNation's BlackBible give you the scoop on why he feels another Def Jam Fight gaming is needed. loved Fight for NY and Hated Icons you should read it.

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Blaze9292603d ago

danggit, I thought a new Def Jam game was actually announced or something.

Love the series.

xtheownerzx2604d ago

I wish they would reboot this series. sighs one can only hope!

MrMickeal2604d ago

I wouldn't mind seeing it. It was a good series for the first 2 games.

user8586212604d ago

as long its more like fight for ny and not icon ill buy day 1!

Silly gameAr2604d ago

I would love another Def Jam brawler. I still have Vendetta and Fight for NY in my PS2 collection.

I know a lot of people didn't like Icon, but I thought it was a pretty good fighter. Not Fight for NY status because that game was amazing, but a decent go for this gen.

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