Xbox 360 sales surpass Nintendo Wii in pre-Halo 3 week

VGCHartz has just uploaded the sales for the week of September 16th - September 22th in the Americas. This is the week before Halo 3 and in last weeks data the Xbox 360 almost surpassed Nintendo Wii in hardware sales. In the week before Halo 3 the Xbox 360 sold over 103,000 units, compared to 92,000 Nintendo Wii consoles. The Playstation 3 hardware sales dropped another 10%, with just over 27,000 consoles this week. Xbox 360 hardware almost oustold Playstation 3 4-to-1.

On the software side, Eternal Sonata debuted on the Xbox 360 in its first week with just over 43,000 copies. MySims on the Wii did better with 46,000 copies. Check all this weeks numbers after the jump.

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skynidas4089d ago

when sony make the big bang announcement this will be in another way

nasim4089d ago

However i dont trust VGCHARTS.

none of us does

unlimited4089d ago

True it will sky rocket the PS3 sales once Sony announce the new SKUs i dont know why people disagree its known fact that it will help PS3 sales..When they announced a price drop of 60gb sales increase dramtically..

Eternal Sonata flopped big time no wonder its going to on the PS3..

Feihc Retsam4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

"When SONY make the big bang announcement, this will be in another way"

I'm not sure I understand, but I think you may have been trying to say that these numbers will change once SONY makes their "Big Bang" announcement...

Unfortunately, if that is what you meant, I have to disagree...

Unless SONY is going to announce that the PS3 will have dozens of killer games coming out VERY VERY soon, I don't think any single announcement will help get their hardware sales out of the gutter.

I bought Heavenly Sword, but I know most people are considering this game a rental because of its length. And, although the game is brethtaking and plays extremely well, it is short, and can be dominated by simply renting it from Blockbuster or Gamefly. The PS3 needs a few games that the PS2 fanbase can really get behind. experimental "new IP" games are great for the industry, but they don't pull in the people who became loyal fans to a franchise.
I don't like to see games that just get sequeled to death, but in the case of the PS3, many non-PS3 owners aren't ready to buy a console to play some unproven games.
And the games that are great on the PS3 (Resistance, Warhawk, heavenly Sword) aren't getting much hype outside of the gamers market.
I don't see many TV spots promoting the PS3 or its games here in the U.S.

THere's nothing out there yet that makes people say "Oh SH*T!!! I gotta have that game!!!" and run out and buy a PS3.

I think the Xbox360 will keep on rolling through the holidays if their near-future game lineup remains mostly unchanged.

With titles like BIOSHOCK, HALO 3, MASS EFFECT on their holiday roster, the Xbox360 is bound to turn in some whopping sales numbers.

If SONY could push MGS4 into stores, or some other hype-worthy title, the PS3 would get some much needed love over the holiday season, but as many anylists have projected, the PS3 is in for a rather depressing winter.

I personally know more than one person who is "holding out for Metal Gear" or "holding out for the next TEAM ICO" game... That tells me that many of the future PS3 owners will be the same people that loved the PS2, but are waiting for some of those classic franchises to show up on the PS3.

I will, however, be enjoying some beautiful Blu Ray movies, which is always nice.

skynidas4089d ago

why you people disagree? is the true

JasonPC360PS3Wii4089d ago

But... sense that isn't going to happen, good luck with those fantasys. Remember how short lived the last "so called" PS3 price drop was? Lasted for what two whole weeks? and then back to the 360 stomping the PS3.

Good luck blind boys.

Wii60_FTW4089d ago

google translators come back with nothing.

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Kokoro4089d ago

that games are selling. Eternal Sonata did good, the Halo hype did not help all for the September game. But good nonetheless.

sticky doja4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

Impressive sales figures, Madden 08 on 360 is up past 1.1 mil. Not bad for a next gen game that is multiplatform. Also Nintendogs blows my mind. 5,563,617 people have bought that in America, that is like 1 in ever 3 DS owner has that game. Definatly not my thing but obviously people love it.

Chris_GTR14089d ago

lol. thats about how many 10 year old girls own a ds.

skynidas4089d ago

UT3 is going to be better than halo

BLaZiN PRopHeT4089d ago

but is it gonna sell better than halo? dont forget only 2 ps3 games have sold over a million. and halo 3 beat that is less than 24 hours.

DeckUKold4089d ago

But the sales won't say it

unlimited4089d ago

a lot of halo fans tournment will be better..i dont how halo 3 got a 9 and 10..all of it is recycle..nothin new..

Most of the people who have the game is dissapointed..people fall into the hype..

lawman11084089d ago

I don't know why you PS3 people keep saying that is only going to be on the PS3

Kleptic4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )


Its on the PS3 this year...and the PS3 version is the one getting more shipped maps...and much easier access to the user generated content...most of which won't even make it anywhere near a 360...thank XBL for that...

UT3 may look as good on a 360, or possibly not, nothing has been shown yet (at least a build as far in development as the PC/PS3)...some previews have said it looks like Gears of War with Warhawk draw distances and a far more vibrant color palette...I know I haven't seen anything like that on a 360, and that certainly takes care of the "gears is washed out and you can't see very far" complaints...but it won't have anywhere near the amount of UGC (only what gets put through the XBL process and MS decides to charge you for), won't have mouse/keyboard support (unless it is supports some overpriced 360 mouse and keyboard bundle), and won't ship with as many maps...that has all been confirmed by it stands right now...the 360 version of UT3 will only look better than halo3...the skimped down content and inability to share mods for free...that sounds very familiar...

the PC and PS3 versions on the other hand...are exactly what made PC fps online gaming so much better than ANYTHING on a console...always...this is the first time any console is getting a game of this history...and it won't get noticed, because people still think halo is the greatest FPS ever...

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Says you4089d ago

No matter what this article says Wii is still going to surpass it!.