When It’s Time To Take The Videogames Away

Although I Eric, owner of GameNTrain am not yet a parent, I am a teacher and I directly see how videogames can negatively or even positively effect children and young adults. The question I am posing is when do we as parents or adults have to tell someone enough is enough… It is time to take a break from videogames for a little while. Below I have listed some of the reasons why, in my opinion it may be time to take a break from gaming.

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DaReapa2811d ago

Good article. My favorite,... "When you can not go into the room that your child is gaming in because their body odor has left a green fog in the room, you need to get them into the shower."

smoothdude2811d ago

My brother dropped out of his senior year of high school because of Black Ops. His attitude was totally vulgar towards anyone who tried to pull him out of his room. There definately should be a limit on games no matter how old you are.

B1663r2811d ago

That is more likely a symptom of a bipolar personality disorder than it is inherently the games. Normal people get bored with the games after a couple of hours, assuming there is enough interesting stuff to do and people around to offer an alternative.

It is my experience that "game addicts" generally have some sort of pre-existing untreated mental health issue, and the obsessive gaming is a symptom of a deeper problem.

So basically, if your brother didn't game he would probably be involved in some other sort of anti-social activity.

limewax2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

"there definately should be a limit on games no matter how old you are"

The day somebody comes to try and tell me im only allowed to spend certain amounts of my spare time on my hobbies will be the day I go to jail for assault

Im an adult, I will decide how long I should or shouldn't game for actually, And by the way, you brother made him drop out, not black ops

BLACKBOIJONES2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

This is a gaming site.We do not need articles telling us when is time to take the game away..PS3 AND 360 fan boys unite against this article. >:)

@MARKUS_MAX1MUS No matter where i comment u never fail at stalking me >:)


No matter the article, you never fail to be a douchebag.

ArchangelMike2811d ago

Blackboi, the sooner mor people start gaming responsibly, and taking note of articles like these, the sooner ganer will get the respect of the popular media. Attittudes like yours perpetuate the popular view that gamers are immature irresponsible life wasters incapable of having mature discussion... you just proved that point. So so us all a favour please!


Moral of the story, Dont let kids play games like "Gears of War" and more importantly if your a parent with any kind of brain power, you will test something before you let your child on it I.E Xbox live, PSN.

B1663r2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

I disagree. The moral of the story is make sure your kids have a full life, and don't let games be a substitue for real parenting. All things in moderation, including moderation... If your kid geeks out once in a while, in Febuary, while it is cold and snowy outside, that is ok.

I am only against kids playing online because there is nothing like a cluless eight year old on Left 4 Dead to ruin your gaming session.

On Edit: Hey Microsoft, you reading this? Let our kids have "child" XBL accounts, and when you are matchmaking our games, put all the eight year olds into their own games with adult supervision to boot creeps who want to hang out with kids online.

StanRaimondi2811d ago

Dude thats one hell of a idea i think Microsoft and Sony should do something like that. If they did i'd have no problem with my kids playing online. With the way it is now i don't let my kids play online.

ClaireJeepChick2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

As a gaming parent of two budding gamers I can agree with this article. However, I'd like to add another point that is very important:

Parents need to know and UNDERSTAND what their kids are doing on line and in game.

@MARKUS_MAX1MUS - well said! I play every game to the end before my kids get to. I make informed choices that go well beyond ESRB ratings (which are largely ignored) and online reviews.

@B1663r - There's nothing like a clueless... GAMER.. on L4D to ruin your session. My ten year old pounces like a pro and taught me a thing or two about spitting. He's not ruining the game for you. I assure you it's the 22 year old that's high as a kite chilling in his dorm room cutting Econ 101 that's ruining the game. Handing a child an open mic with no guidelines in any team game is a terrible idea. Xbox has settings in place so that you can limit the interactions of anyone (child account OR adult account). For example, my son can't hear or be heard by anyone over XBL that isn't on his FL.

The responsibility of insuring that content is appropriate for a child is not the developers or console makers, it's the parents. Each child is different and can deal with / understand varying degrees of violence/sexuality.

Now back to Gears 2 campaign with my son. :)

(Sorry for the long commentary! This topic means a lot to me!)