Industry flamebait: the PS3 is a 3DO

PS3 Fanboy writes: "According to GameDaily, an "anonymous respectable industry veteran" has been calling the PS3, the "PS3DO," drawing comparisons to the failed 32-bit system of yore. The system, which featured bleeding-edge technology for its time, failed due to its high market price, and lack of high-profile games. Thankfully, this industry flamebait has met appropriate response, being shot down by most".

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Bloodmask4097d ago

The PS3 is overpriced. And does have a true lack of high profile games.

I expect it will meet the same fate as the 3DO console.

Price and games catalogue are what are important to gamers. Not Bluray and the Cell processor.

Alvadr4097d ago

The 3DO didnt even sell 1.5million units world wide.

It had no support from developers and it was a hell of alot more expensive than the PS3 when taking into account the value of money way back when. It had no past, or future.

The PS3 is hardley a 3DO.

SL1M DADDY4097d ago

3DO filed chapter 11 and fell by the way side. I have a funny feeling that with Sony behind the PS3, you will not see the "same fate" as the 3DO in the future for the PS3. Sony has a bit more cash to play with than 3DO ever did.

Let's not get out of hand here.

MikeMichaels4097d ago

3DO came out at a mid point in a generation, the SNES and Genesis were in their prime when the 3DO was released.....and rumors of new systems from Sega, Nintendo and (new comer at the time) Sony that were actually capable of real 3D/polygons (like Virtua Figher 3D!) were on the horizon. Not a bumped up Mode 7 that the 3DO had for $700.

Plus, who or what was 3DO?

Anyone who's touched a PS3 knows its a very competent system and is the 4-5 million gap really gonna mean anything when the systems sell 120 000 000 and 125 000 000 a piece 6 years from now?

okcomputer4097d ago

Its only overpriced if you're not interested in blu-ray. Otherwise it costs the same as a 360+hddvd. As for the lack of high profile games, can you tell me what high profile games were on the 360 for its first 11 months before gears?

Real Gambler4096d ago

This exact article with the reference to the same website has been posted 3 days ago already.

This should not have been reposted... Really wondering if guys who are approving a repost like that, have read any articles or not.

I guess we will see it again in three days : )

Ri0tSquad4096d ago

I don't think the ps3 is overpriced I mean you get what you pay for and when the 40gb ps3 comes out its going to be the cheapest blu ray player/next gen gaming console available. And when blu ray wins the format war 1 1/2 years from now the ps3 will have a nice library of games and will give other gamers a reason to own it besides playing games on it.

Synex4096d ago

Why doesn't anyone understand the Playstation family is highly respected and has support from quiet a few developers? Let's be real Playstation dieing out?! Ha!

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Kokoro4097d ago

it is quite early. but in terms of price and hype, then yes.

trane074096d ago

Then you're as dumb as the guy who made that statement.

PimpHandHappy4097d ago


i like how they say lack of high profile games! Yea i guess Sony didnt pump up the hype enough for games like Warhawk or RFOM or MotorStorm of even HS. Its still very early in this life cycle to start calling out its lack of BIG NAME games. We know there coming very soon and we know they will rule! Till then i love playing games that are new and shoot for a different feel. I played Lair and i would never say its great but dam if it doesnt look awesome. 6/10 but if the controls where a bit better i would give this game a 8/10 easy

The PS3 is going to be fine and when it gets replaced everyone will see why Sony is the king of hardware and the king of eltronic entertainment!

skynidas4097d ago

PS3 IS the best console in the world

achira4097d ago

poor xbots, go play your rod box.

Sayai jin4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Come one Achira, you can do better than this. No doubt that the 360 as had some faulty consoles.I have original launch 360 and have not had any problems. I brought another 360 for my bedroom for my bedroom. It arrived the postal service damaged the box severly and the Xbox was smashed to hell to, but the dame thing still worked. MS sent me a Elite insted of a premium,even though it ws damaged in the post, I made out like a bandit. have not had a problem with my Wii, but I brought a PS3 in April and it croaked on me about 3 weeks later. No worries I got a new one from Sony and it was an 80Gb model, damn I got lucky twice.

Edit: Haha, someone disagreed with my perosnal experience. Do not know how that is possible, but at lest say why you disagree. Instead of hitting the button, be a real person and say wh you disagree, instead of a dweeb whos is obviously affraid of debate.

SL1M DADDY4097d ago

A few Xbox 360's? More like 33% of about 10 million... Sorry, but was it not for MS's inability to make a decent console and have reliable customer support, they might have become a true contender for second place but with the way things are, I predict them being a distant third come the end of 2008. Sorry, but after 4 boxes since launch and only 1 PS3 since launch, I have a right to be a little ticked at MS for faulty hardware. And of course, all of this is MHO so please, take no offense.

Sayai jin4096d ago

@SL1M DADDY - Who said a "few" consoles? Please do not put words in my mouth. That really sucks that you have had 4 360's since launch, what's your gamertag? You see that's been your experience. My experience has been diffrent with my PS3 biting the bullet. Well, thats your opinion on where the 360 will finish by 2008. I truly do not know, but I doubt that the PS3 will outsell the 360 3 to 1, which will be needed. What do you base your opinion on, anger becuase of your bad luck? This is the way I see it. Sony will make a price cut followed by MS. They will counter one another. MS having the lead in console owned will favor MS. The PS3 is being outsold in Japan by the Wii and MS in the US and if I believe correctly the PS3 may have Europe. You see Sony has always owned Japan and the US, thid not true sny more. They ll have great releases lined up, doubt about, of course people may debate thism but it depends on what you like as a game. The 360 has a huge advantage as far as game library and will continue to have the lead for three reasons, the 360 is easier to program for (currently), ad a year head start, and MS will pay for exclusives. MS is ib the drivers seat right now, not discounting the Wii, but there game library is no where near MS snd this is what it boils down

What I hope and think Sony should do. Is beed up the dev tools and pursue some of their old exclusives (GTA series, DMC, etc) If you look at the top 5 video game sales for the last few years it was GTA 3 then Halo 2 second. I know people hat brought PS2 just to play GTA 3, now it is ultipltform, so no MS has it too. The need to work on PSN, it is free nd should be in its current form. Lets face it Sony is concentrating on Blu ray, which they should, hell they own 33% of the technology which translates to 33% of sales nad if blu ry wins, thats cha ching for Sony.

Any ways we wil have t see where everyone finishes, only time and money will tell.

Witty Comment4096d ago

So, how the hell did you end up getting an elite directly from Microsoft?

Also, in regards to the article, lack of high-profile games? Metal Gear Solid is pretty fudging high profile. Final Fantasy is pretty fudging high profile.

That being said, I would also like everybody to know I don't own a PS3. I'm totally in the 360 camp, but it's impossible to deny.

Sayai jin4096d ago

@Witty Comment- I ordered a second Premium Xbox 360 for my bedroom. The company that I ordered it from claims it gets it suppl dorectly from MS Warehouse (oe of the Manufacturers). The said that they would not cover it. So I called MS tech support and they asked some very detailed questions (store name, pics, etc). A day later they e-mailed me telling me that they would send me a prepaid shipping package and that they would repair or replace it for me. I did not pay a dime other than the gas to get to the post office. They could not repair becuase the case was damaged and some of the internal components were sticking out. So they sent me 360 with a HDMI. I called tech support back when I received it to thank them and to ask them about the HDMI and thats when the tech looked up the serial number of the console they sent me. He said man you lucked out and we acidently sent you a better version 360 with the Falcon chip, but he called it by another name.

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