Unreal Tournament III: TGS 07 Mark Rein Interview

The Vice President of Epic talks about creating games for the consoles as well as supporting the mod community.

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ATLRoAcH4096d ago

I like this guys views on consoles.He didn't want to start no console wars.

nasim4096d ago

the CELL is like 50x more powerful than XENON and 10x as powerful as a quad core processor.

there is no console war

UT3 is upgraded version of gears.

competition dies totally on october 30th,2007

Violater4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

Am I the only person thats skeptical about this game.
From what I have seen this game does not look leaps and bounds better than gears like people are saying.

Its ok to disagree, I am actually hoping to be proved wrong when the game is released.
Some good screen comparisons are overdue.

ATLRoAcH4096d ago

If your fighting for the PS3 there I have to laugh and say you're preaching to the converted.I know the cell's power and I've been all Playstation, every Playstation, since Playstation.

marinelife94096d ago

The game looks great. I still like the look of the art direction in Gears of War better though.

Real Gambler4096d ago

He made a few mistakes in previous interviews, but was a real pro in this one. Dodged all the bullets. I like the fact that he still left the door open for cross platform gaming... If one game can make it, it would be "unreal". If it's not this version, maybe Unreal 2009 : )

Game still look awesome!

gEnKiE4096d ago

@nasim: Was their a reason for your comment? Your comment is what makes fanboys looked at like immature kids that shouldn't talk in the first place. I'm a huge Sony fanboy and your comment makes me embarrassed to be one....

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HeartlesskizZ4096d ago

I'm going to reserve this tomorrow for ps3 =)

achira4096d ago

nice to have this game on the ps3! thank you epic!

wil4hire4096d ago

news we keep seeing over and over again?

uHuRu4096d ago

All these games' journalists and reviewers are fanboys. ask him questions about the game and not questions that will start a fanboy war.

HeartlesskizZ4096d ago

Gametrailers is more about building hype or making little things into big things for fanbois to fight about.

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The story is too old to be commented.