Rein lavishes praise on Halo 3

Epic Games boss Mark Rein has been speaking to the Official Xbox Magazine about the successes of the recently released Halo 3, revealing his belief that Bungie's polishing and balancing efforts have created a killer title.

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skynidas3973d ago

UT3, orange box, COD4 and haze will pwn halo 3

razer3973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Heaven forbid we have more than one good game at one time right?

Why can't they all be good games? Why does one have to "own" the other? If you are a gamer than if a game is good, then their good.

P1MPDADDY3973d ago

Really??? Care to explain the logic behind such a statement???

chester3973d ago

none of them will actually own halo 3. a couple of them might be better (likely), more fun (not likely), but none of them will own halo 3. but i'm sure all of their developers will.

PimpHandHappy3973d ago

i agree with ya

I think COD4 and Unreal are the two games that will own Halo

Haze might be as good as Halo but it wont get the numbers just because its a unknown name in a month with two very big hitters coming out.

QuietMan693973d ago

"I don't look at Halo and go, 'That's the greatest graphics'. I don't look at Halo and go, 'Wow those are the coolest enemies ever'. I look at Halo and go 'They nailed it'. This game is so fun to play, everything works just right."

And that's what mekes Halo .... HALO

so keep bashing it, one day you will get it.......

PimpHandHappy3973d ago

Orange box will be awesome also

damnwrx3973d ago

'Cept for leftoverhype GAYLO3.....What's next? !!!!...... ;)

Evil Rant Monkey3973d ago

I guess you're a dog, so you don't understand too much anyway.
Go lay down fido