DamnLag - "How Trophies Saved My Gaming Life"

Ryan writes: Achievement whores. Trophy sluts. Point chasers.

Every gamer knows at least one. A friend who cannot stop talking about how bad the games they play are, but insist they must beat them due to some delusional sense of duty. A friend who insists on showing off the items they earned for their XBL Avatar or their Home character. A friend who has fully completed more games than you own, but is unable to tell you how any of those games were other than good/bad or easy/difficult. A friend who plays games like Takeru Kobayashi eats hot dogs.

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Xanatos20002575d ago

I wish more of them were hidden. I feel like it takes away from it all when you're trying to get them like a job.

FlyWestbrook2575d ago

Yeah. Trophies are great. Derp.

bwazy2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Trophies are welcomed. They make you seek out the odds and ends of games and usually cause you to explore every aspect of the game. However, I sorta miss the days of not having achievements, as games were PURELY meant for having fun. Now theres always a little voice in my head saying (no do this to get this) which is usually the lesser fun route, or just repeat "X" amount of times to achieve something.

I will say that Trophies are more enjoyable than Achievements SIMPLY BECAUSE of the Platinum Trophy. With Trophies theres actually a reward for getting 100%, where as Xbox, more than often I see someone with 100K+ gamerscore and 600-700/1000 achievemetns gained.

Kran2575d ago

Really? They're called "Trophy Sluts"?
......... Can't I just be a Trophy Whore as well as a Chivo Whore?

ForceCSW2575d ago

All I know is I spread my legs for trophies. AND IT FEELS GREAT!!!

badz1492575d ago

although trophy whore does sound better tbh.

I also love trophies as much as the next guy but only for games I like. can't really understand why whoring on games you don't even like! I bought into GTAIV hype and didn't even bother finishing it let alone whoring for trophies! now I guess there are many more sandbox games that are just as good in story and is actually FUN to play! inFAMOUS, JC2(the story is CRAP though), The Saboteur etc. I'm working on The Saboteur's Platinum at the moment, which has insane amount of things to be done (1000+ sabotage ffs!) while waiting for my KZ3 copy to arrive! thank god pissing off the Nazis feels so good. and now I think I miss Pandemic. Merc2 was undeniably garbage but Saboteur is actually quite good.

Elimin82574d ago

Hit me up on the KZ3 when you get it.. That Ish is hella fun...

badz1492574d ago

kinda frustrated that I just got refunded from 1 store due to all the steelbook edition are sold out and I just ordered from another store. hopefully will get it in 2 days!

LukeWashingTons2575d ago

I'm very much an achiev-Os whore. I love them so much and I DON'T KNOW WHY!

Kran2575d ago

I hear ya. It's like theyve taken over my mind. I like the feeling, but hate it at the same time :/

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The story is too old to be commented.