Sticking to What Works: Dragon Quest V Review

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride is exactly what you expect in a Dragon Quest game. Like all other entries in the series, Heavenly Bride has gorgeous audio and visual presentation to keep you coming back for more of the same old grind.

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cyguration2635d ago

Wow, the art-style looks so similar to Dragon Ball.

Neckbear2635d ago

...Well, duh, it's the same artist.

gornak2635d ago

I am looking forward to the sequel to "Hand of the Heavenly Bride", "Attorney of the Hellish Divorce".

KeithWorth2635d ago

That one got stopped in development when I threatened to sue them for plagiarizing my life-story.

I find it amazing that they can put out so many FF and DQ/DW games that are following the same template and each and every time I'm thoroughly satisfied. I guess if it isn't broken...