Square Enix On The Road To Redemption

After getting off to a disappointing start this gen Square Enix had pretty much fallen from grace in the eyes of many fans but this year Square Enix aficionados have a lot of reason to get excited again.

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Edito2476d ago

They must do a lot more than this...

Quagmire2476d ago

Deus Ex is all I care about, and its not even directly made by Squix, so I dont really care about them anymore.

DigitalHorror812476d ago

Come on, Square. Give me my damn digital content. I want to buy your games but I do not have UMD support. PLEASE!

Xof2476d ago

Right. Because games that haven't been released yet more than make up for, you know, failing to release a good game in more than a decade.

TheColbertinator2476d ago

Release Versus XIII already!

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2476d ago

Deus Ex is still a wild card, FF13-2 has alot to prove and considering the expectations relative to FFXIII it might not be what gamers want. I think there best bet is FFVersusXIII but i that won't be out till feb or march of 2012

Godmars2902476d ago (Edited 2476d ago )

Deus Ex isn't really Square Enix since its S/E Europe = the former Edios.

For S/E Japan to come back, they need to do something inarguably good in terms of graphics, gameplay as well as story on a mainline console. Something they've arguably had issue with since FFVII.

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